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Millennial and Gen Z parenting, kids, relatives. This is our family section where we discuss everything that isn’t travel. Lifestyle choices, holidays, homeschool, mental health, homemaking, general topics about life issues. If it happens at home, we include it here.

Our family at breakfast.
Our real, messy, joyful life!

Some of the topics you’ll find here:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

white clock face with sticky note over hands with text that says nope

Not Lazy! The Crisis of ADHD Time Blindness

ADHD in Teen Girls, as experienced by a Teen Girl

Hyperactive ADHD Type: Why Diagnosis is Vital

Who To Talk To About ADHD: Basic Guide

ADHD Timers: Best Tools to “See” Time

Sleep Help for ADHD and Anxiety: Best Tips

4 Best Strategies for ADHD Time Blindness

3 Most Important Ways Adult ADHD Impacted Me

9 Fantastic ADHD Resources for Adults and Teens

ADHD Teen: Executive Dysfunction, Time Blindness and Sensory Issues

Best ADHD Planner, Reviewed by an ADHD Dad

Joon App Review: ADHD Family To-Do and Chores

10+ Calming ADHD Bedroom Ideas: Kids & Teens

How to Make Holidays ADHD-Friendly: Easy Tips

Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling

woman and man in wedding attire
Photo taken by a friend at our wedding back in 2005

5 Great Marriage Tips You Won’t Read Elsewhere

Date Night for Married Couples: 50+ Best Ideas!

Parenting Tips & Ideas

disorganized family wedding photo
Just trying to get one photo with everyone smiling and looking at the camera- how’d we do?

When is the Best Time to Have A Baby?

41 Best Hacks to Beat Morning Sickness

Losing a Baby: Miscarriage Gift Box (Basket) Ideas

Super Simple Kid’s Birthday: Expert Mom Tips

Sleeping In: The Best Way to be More Productive!

10 Simple, Easy Activities to do with Kids

Easy & Practical Kids Clothing Organization Ideas

Family Chore Chart Free Printable: Your Expert Guide

7 Tips to Encourage Good Sibling Relationships

Parenting Mistake: How to Fix a Parent-Teen Relationship

Ultimate Life Hacks, As Written By a Teen


How to Start Homeschooling Today! 5 Simple Steps

Simple, Fun Back to School Homeschool Ideas 

How to Teach Times Tables to Kids 

Simple, Fun Social Studies Curriculum: how we use Story of the World

Gift Guides and Book Lists

Fancy gift on green background

10 Awesome Gifts for Kids, Reviewed by a Kid

11 Best Active Gifts For Kids (Reviewed by a Kid)

Dragon Gifts for Her or Him: Unique Gift Guide

Best Cowboy Gifts for Men

37+ Best Gifts for Homeschool Moms

53+ Perfect Dinosaur Gifts for Kids of All Ages

100+ Best Lego Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

51+ Best Baby Registry Ideas From a Mom of 6

75+ Best gifts for Dungeon Masters

63+ Best Gifts for Cowgirls

61+ Awesome Camping gifts for kids

bookshelf with fiction books

Best Fiction Books and Series (List of 21)

35+ Best Science Fiction Books for 5th Graders+

73 Best Books on National Parks

Great Books for 4th-8th Graders as reviewed by a kid

Recovery and Healing


Overwhelmed? Here’s 12 Simple Tips to Help

Self Care Ideas for Anxiety + Self-Care Box List

Road Trip Reset 2021! How to Heal Through Travel

Losing a Baby: Miscarriage Gift Box (Basket) Ideas

Can Anxiety Cause TMJ? Stress, Anxiety and TMJ

Can TMJ Cause Migraines? Jaw Pain & Migraine Connection

Do Braces Help Migraines? An Unexpected Relief

Our Story

No Contact with Toxic Family: Video Transcript

Results of No Contact with Toxic Family (Video Transcript)

Abuse Disclosure and Response: Video Transcript

Our Story: Adult Bullies in the Family (Transcript)

Reactions to our Boundaries (Video Transcript of Toxic Family and Toxic Church)

When the Church Ignores Spiritual Abuse (Video Transcript)

Protecting Kids from Toxic Family (Transcript)

Why Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Don’t Tell

Holidays and Seasons

St. Patrick's Day tablescape

75+ Winter Activities for Teens and their Families

Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas for Kids or Couples

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas Kids will Love!

Easy Family Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Kids

101+ Best Non-Candy ideas for Easter Baskets

33+ Fun Fall Activities for Teens and Families

31+ Best Fun Halloween Activities for Teens

Christmas Gift Planning with a Big Family

61+ Ideas for Your Family Christmas Bucket List

How To Cope With Grief During the Holidays

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