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Visiting Redwoods National Park

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When we got married at age 23 and started having kids at age 24, we had no idea how to do marriage, or how to parent, or how to live life at a sustainable level over the long term. We didn’t know anyone else at our age and stage (millennials parenting multiple children), so we followed recommended resources and people who we respected.

The problem was, much of the advice we got either didn’t apply to our family’s circumstances (non-traditional employment, unpredictable salary, educating kids at home), or was outdated and simply did not work in our rapidly changing world.

Other solutions were directly harmful to our goal of having a loving, grace-filled, abundant family life. We made a lot of mistakes, but also figured out by hard experiences the things that actually worked.

Our mission is to provide families like us with a refreshing, genuine perspective and relevant experience. Here you will find a curated collection of simple, useful tips and ideas that will help you find success and abundant joy in your marriage, parenting, and personal life.

A quick bio

-Jenn and Brian Warren are a husband and wife team (going on 18 years of marriage)
-Six kids (plus one in heaven), ages between 15 and 4
-Homeschooling our kids since 2009
-Fascinated with the American Old West and pioneer life
-Over 20 years of experience in Christian ministry together
-Natives of Southern California, now making our home in Oregon

woman and man in wedding attire
Photo taken by a friend at our wedding back in 2005

Why we started this blog

We are passionate about living authentically and enjoying our days with our children and with each other. Our goal is to work at something we love, and do something that inspires and helps others. We need flexible hours and the ability to (mostly) work from home.

You can directly support us on our Buy Me A Coffee page. Your support of our family business helps us to continue to produce quality family content. We appreciate all of our supporters and friends!

We hope you’ll follow us on our adventures on our social media accounts! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter , TikTok and Pinterest.

Who We Are – Family nicknames

To protect our kids’ privacy and online identities, we asked them to choose Western-themed animal nicknames, and you will often see them referred to by these names in our writing. Here’s their names, in order from oldest to youngest.

Mother’s Day photo

Oldest daughter – Rook

Rook helps with our copy editing, as well as contributing occasional articles. Check out her Ultimate Life Hacks, As Written By a Teen .

Second daughter – Burro

She loved the furry, sweet burros we met at Custer State Park in South Dakota, so that’s why she chose this name! Burro has contributed several poems to the blog, as well as parts of articles. Read her non-fiction post about the Georgia Aquarium.

Youngest daughter – Appaloosa

Appaloosa regularly contributes product reviews and articles to our blog. Some of the best ones are her 10 Simple, Easy Activities to do with Kids and her 10 Awesome Gifts for Kids- Reviewed by a Kid . She has also contributed to our posts about the National Quilt Museum and others.

Oldest son – Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake often provides us with fun and silly jokes for social media posts, as well as serving as a photo model when Mom needs new photos for specific blog topics. Watch for him in our videos too!

Second son – Panther

Panther loves to serve as a photo and video model for us! His silly antics and ecstatic enthusiasm add fun and vivacity to our work.

Youngest son – Baby Bison

Our youngest child is adorable (just like his older siblings, only they don’t like to be called that) -and he knows it! He also serves as a photo and video model.

Dad and Mom chose Western animal names too – Dad is Tatanka (the Lakota word for bison) and Mom goes by Mama Bear.

A word about our faith

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, and our love for God and for people is at the heart of everything we do. When you spend time with us, you can’t miss the fact that we are Christians seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ every day.

Dinkum Tribe blog exists to provide an income for our family; however, we feel strongly that what God has given us freely, we should share with others freely. So although our faith will be evident in our writing, this blog is not specifically a Christian blog.

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If you have further questions, we’d love to hear from you. Email us anytime at [email protected]

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