10 Awesome Gifts for Kids- Reviewed by a Kid

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With Christmas coming, it was time for me to update my running list of gift ideas for each of my kids. My youngest daughter always has excellent suggestions for herself and others in the family. I asked her to create this list of her top 10 favorite gifts that she has received.

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girls holding lego sets. Legos are always great gifts for kids!

All reviews and opinions expressed in this article are hers. Enjoy!

10. Snap Circuits

girl holding Snap Circuits Arcade set

I got this set for my 8th birthday, and I still like it. [note from Mom- Arcade set no longer available] It includes actual circuits and wires as well as an electric fan. It teaches you how to fit the wires and snaps together to make alarms, lights and games.

There are a lot of different Snap Circuits sets, but I would say they’re all a lot of fun.

9. Hair Chalk

I found it very surprising  that my brothers liked hair chalk as much as I did, because it’s kind of girly. The kind I got comes with a lot of different colors, including pink and silver. The best part is, they wash out easily with water! YAY! 

8. Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards are ALWAYS popular. If you want to get the best packs, try EX’s or GX’s. Keep in mind that not all card packs are a full deck, and that you will need a deck with a board to battle. I currently have 7 decks.

7. Leap Pads

Most LeapPads are better suited for younger kids, but my brothers still like ours. You can download a lot of different games and apps and each LeapPad comes with a plastic case and stylus (less fingerprints! yay!). 

6. Subscriptions

Highlights and High Five magazines. Subscriptions are great ideas for gifts for kids.

There are a million kits and magazines out there, for all different ages. It will give your kids something to look forward to every month, and there is something for everyone. Some magazines that we like are: Highlights, Ranger Rick and High Five.

5. Super Soakers/ Water Balloons

boy in helmet with super soaker gun in front of him

Almost every kid in our family has a water gun, and we love them. The options are limitless. Some guns have a double barrel, a target sight or different modes for shooting (spray, full power, triple shot,etc.).

Or, if you like water balloons better, there are packs that come in bunches, and all you have to do is attach a hose!

4. Stuffed animals

boy with stuffed orca whale

These really are for all ages. I have stuffed animals and I know adults who have them too.

boy with stuffed animal

Just think of the possibilities! Harry Potter creatures, animals, cartoon characters, even Lord Of The Rings teddy bears (go, Build a Bear!). 

3. A bike, of course!

girl with blue bike. gifts for kids

If you can afford it, a bike is well worth the money. I got a shiny new bike for my birthday this year, blue body and silver handlebars, and I love riding it. Bikes are great because they’re fun, they teach you new skills, and they’re a good mode of transportation.

2. Hogwarts Battle, Risk, and Mysterium

Kids playing a board game. gifts for kids

I love all of these games, though I only own one. Hogwarts Battle is a Harry Potter themed game, where you try to defeat the villains before they take over the locations. Mysterium is a kind-of-creepy game where one person is the ghost who gives you cards and you have to try and figure out what he\ she is trying to tell you. I think most people know what Risk is.

1. Legos!

boy with lego creation. gifts for kids
Duplos are still popular even with our bigger kids.

Seriously! There are soooo many different LEGO sets, from the really complicated castles to the 20 piece mini sets. All of them are AWESOME!

And, of course, if you lose some pieces or can’t figure out the set, you can always make your own creations from the pieces! 

Girl with Legos. gifts for kids.

So, there you go. These are gifts that I have loved and think other people will like too. Happy holidays!

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  1. Loved how the kids shared their favorite toys. Got some good ideas for my Littles. Enjoyed your site

    1. Board games have sure come a long way the last 10 years! So many cool new ones available!

    1. I know right?! It has a bunch of additions too – the monster addition is next on our list!

  2. I didn’t know Pokémon cards were still a thing!! My kids were huge collectors back in the day!
    Great gift ideas!

    1. They are indeed still a thing. My kids thought it was pretty cool that mom actually knew something about them.

  3. My daughter love leggos, I can see that you guys have the Harry Potter game on the list, time for our family to check it out as well. Very useful post, thank you for sharing!

  4. Yeah, LEGOs are definitely it for my son, too! I like the circuit set. When my boy is a little bit older, he will get one, too. Thanks for this list! Lots of good ideas.

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