Easy St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Kids 2024

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I think most adults view St. Patrick’s Day as a fake holiday. It seems to be an excuse to drink Guinness, wear green and pretend to be Irish. Retailers seem to be going with that for their products, anyways! 😂

Irish blessing rock for St. Patrick's Day
Irish blessing

Our family tends to keep it pretty basic for St. Patrick’s Day. As I said in the Valentine’s Day post, we used to teach our kids the history of St Patrick and his role as a missionary to Ireland. Patrick’s story is an amazing example of forgiveness (see book list below for resources).

Our views about holidays

In recent years, our focus has shifted away from direct instruction about Christian history. Instead, we use holidays as a way to help our children learn about different cultures and peoples. We also enjoy celebrating the fun and silly aspects of holidays. 

As parents, Brian and I tended to take life too seriously in our earlier years with our children (an occupational hazard of us both being firstborns😉).

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So now we are making a concerted effort to change that and just enjoy our children. We recognize that our time with them is finite and they will soon be grown and flown. 

baby with green binky on st Patricks day green blanket
Baby photo in St. Patrick’s Day outfit, solely because it was fun to play with the green bowler hat!

Since Easter is celebrated on a different day each year, there are times when Easter and St. Patrick’s Day occur in close conjunction. In the years when St. Patrick’s Day is within a few days of Easter, we skip the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations altogether.

Here’s some of the fun traditions we do for St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing too complicated or serious, and definitely nothing that’s too much work for the parents! 

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St. Patrick’s Day Food

I have done the big corned beef and potatoes feast before, mostly because I enjoy corned beef on occasion. However, once I realized that I was the only one who actually liked it, I decided it wasn’t worth it for me to cook. Cooking is not my favorite thing! 

Instead, I pick up some Lucky Charms and drop some green food coloring in the milk. We rarely buy sugary cereals, so this is a special treat for my kids! Other years I have made chocolate chip scones with green sprinkles (recipe is in my Valentine’s Breakfast post.

Green milk and Lucky Charms Cereal for St. Patrick's Day.
Green milk might be weird for us adults, but my little kids have loved it!

The last couple of years, Costco has had this fun shamrock-shaped ravioli. That makes a super easy lunch or dinner, and I get some dollar store St. Patrick’s Day plates and napkins. Keeping it simple here, folks!

St. Patrick's Day plates with green shamrock ravioli
Shamrock ravioli for lunch.

Corned Beef?

This year we came up with a super easy alternate meal idea. We made corned beef hash and eggs with toast, and we all agreed that this will be our new St. Paddy’s Day corned beef dish.

@dinkumtribe Most of our family doesn’t enjoy traditional corned beef stew, so this year we went with this easy alternative. #cornedbeefhashwithegg #cornedbeefhash #marykitchen #easystpatricksdayrecipe #cornedbeefandegg #stpaddys2023 #kidfriendlyrecipe #happystpatday ♬ The St. Patrick’s Day Song – St. Patrick’s Day Music Pub Crawlers

Books and Activities

We have loved reading holiday books with our kids! Here’s our favorite St. Patrick’s Day books (affiliate links).

After reading about leprechaun traps in The Night before St. Patrick’s Day, my kids were all about making some traps last year! I had a good chuckle to myself about the engineering they were practicing without me having to teach it. It kept them happily engaged for several hours— parenting win!

Last year I hunted up some YouTube videos of kids dancing an Irish jig, which my children all enjoyed watching. Then they tried for themselves, and came away with a better appreciation of the skills and practice necessary to dance a jig well!

Of course we all try to wear something green, too. That’s one of the fun things I love to do because green is my favorite color!

Other fun stuff for St. Patrick’s Day

We have done rainbow crafts some years, and shamrock crafts other years. There are tons of St. Patrick’s Day activities available, and you really can make a whole unit study on rainbows, shamrocks, Ireland, leprechauns, St. Patrick… you get the picture.

My Spring and Easter Pinterest Board has ideas for St. Patrick’s Day too.

I love doing holidays with my kids! However, I discovered that when I put too much pressure on myself, I lost the enjoyment of being with my kids. It somehow became about performance and Pinterest-worthy creativity, and I don’t want to be a high-pressure parent.

@dinkumtribe Gotta love easy- our St. Patrick’s Day breakfast is Lucky Charms with green milk! @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe #stpatricksdayactivities #stpatricksday2023 #luckycharmsmarshmallows #luckycharmscereal #nomnomnom #magicallydelicious #90sthrowback #momlifemadeeasy #momlifemadesimple ♬ Make It Rainbow – Lucky Charms

My new attitude towards holidays is this: if it’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of preparation, let’s do it! If my kids want to do something and they have the ability to do it, I say, “Go for it!” As a result, my kids engage their own creativity, and I get to just enjoy cheering them on. 

St. Patrick's Day table setting.
St. Patrick’s Day table scape

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day with your kids? I’d love to hear in the comments if you celebrate other late winter/ early springtime holidays too!

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  1. Going easy on holidays are the best! I am excited that you showed some Dollar Tree items. I am getting ready to go there myself and see what exciting new St. Patrick’s Day gear they have.

    I might have to get my husband some Lucky Charms too LOL! It’s his favorite. Thanks for the book recommendations too!

    1. I was impressed with the Dollar Tree selection this year when I dropped by today – really cute stuff!

  2. I love your approach to holidays. It’s easy to forget the reason holidays even exist, so being reminded to take it back to its roots is great. Thanks!

  3. I love the idea that if it’s getting too involved to celebrate a holiday and it takes away from your time with your family, then simplify! And you’ve done just that. Thanks for the fun, easy suggestions!

  4. St. Patrick’s is my favorite holiday to celebrate—and I don’t even enjoy alcohol, haha! Probably because it reminds me of the time I’ve spent in that gorgeous country. Even still, our celebration is pretty simple, too—Irish stew and soda bread for dinner (cooked to whatever Pandora decides “Irish music” is) followed by an Irish or Irish-themed movie. Sometimes I’ll pull out the scrapbooks and tell some blarney to anyone who’s willing to listen!

    1. Cracking up at the “Pandora Irish music”- accurate! I’m coming to celebrate at your place!

  5. Great post! I actually grew up as one of six (I see you have six kids yourself!) in a very Irish family. We LOVE St. Patty’s Day. I love the idea of Lucky Charms for the kids’ breakfast! My mom used to dye our oatmeal green lol. We also bake Irish soda bread (a favorite for everyone) and listen to lots of Irish music. It’s one of the best holidays for sure!

    1. Irish soda bread is fantastic! I think green oatmeal would be a little too weird for me, but it’s sure a creative idea!

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