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Great Books for 4th-8th Graders (2023 update)

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We love including our kids in whatever project we’re working on, and they’ve all been excited to help with our blog and business. So without further ado, here are some great books recommended by our youngest daughter!

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Fablehaven book cover

“These are books that I really like, and I think other kids will like them too.”



This series is hard to stop reading once you pick it up. Basically a brother and sister have to race to find the five keys to the demon prison before the bad guys try to free them. The keys are hidden in mythical preserves all over the world so each book is themed on a different artifact.

There’s lots of adventure and mythical creatures, so if you like that stuff (we do!) I recommend these books. And because they’re kids books, there’s no profanity. The sister series is Dragonwatch.

Hamster Princess and Dragonbreath

Dragonbreath books in hands. This is a great book series for 4th-8th graders.

Hamster Princess is a series of graphic-hybrid books starring a gutsy hamster named Harriet who fights monsters. These books are hilarious and easy to read, and we highly recommend them.

Similarly, Dragonbreath stars a middle school dragon named Danny who can’t breathe fire. In spite of this, he goes on awesome adventures with his buddy Wendell, and they too fight monsters. Both series are fun and you will find yourself re-reading them frequently. 

NOTE FROM MOM: we have written a post about dragon gifts for her or for him if you have a child who loves dragons.

The Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicles trilogy stars Carter and Sadie Kane, who battle Egyptian monsters and gods to save the world from Apophis, the world-eating snake. Good books with lots of action and humor. Some interesting Egyptian history and culture mixed in with the storytelling and we found it to be educational while enjoying the monster-blasting.    


Book 2 in the Nevermoor series

Nevermoor is actually a three-book series, but every book is better than the last. It has magic, a really cool city, and funny characters. I personally liked listening to the audiobook because they do the voices for the characters so well.


Glitch hardcover book
Glitch hardcover book

This is an awesome book about an academy for time travelers. Both protagonists have to learn to get over their prejudice and work together to save the past and the future. It’s also cool to try to figure out the clues before they do.

From Mom: we’ve also included Glitch in our list of sci-fi books for kids 5th grade and up. Check the list for similar suggestions!

Oh Yikes!

Oh Yikes! kindle screenshot
Oh Yikes! Kindle version screenshot

This is actually a history book, because I’m sure your kids need to learn history (NOT! Why do I need to learn about Napoleon? He’s DEAD!). Oh Yikes! teaches your kids history without making them fall asleep. It teaches history era by era, including the gross, weird, and funny facts. I liked it a lot.


3 books in the Warriors series. great books for middle readers.
3 books in the Warriors series

If you are a cat person, these are the books for you! This series is about cats who live in a forest in clans. They hunt, fight, patrol, and  heal.

The five main clans are Windclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan and Starclan. There’s a lot of action and a good plot. Not very bloody, considering the claws and teeth.

The Menagerie

The Menagerie book 2. great books for middle readers
The 2nd book in the Menagerie series

Do you like magical creatures? Griffins, dragons, pegasi, phoenixes, these books have all the magical creatures you can imagine. They’re also hilarious. Watch out for the pyrosalamanders!

I hope you like these books as much as I did!  Still do, actually.- Appaloosa

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  1. This is a great book review, makes ME want to read them especially the Fablehaven and Dragonwatch. My grandson loves factual books especially if there are some gross and weird facts… the history one would be perfect…Well done on the review it was great

  2. What great suggestions! I so miss my son being that little and reading with him, ok, me my book and him his. Great quality time as we will discuss or describe what we were reading to each other. Books are great conversation started with our children

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