11 Best Active Gifts for Kids (Reviewed by a Kid)

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Appaloosa strikes back! Today I bring you another post about what to get your kids. I’m focusing on active gifts for kids in this post, because your kids need something to do, and it’s a beautiful day and… they would rather watch TV. Ah well.

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Girl chasing soccer ball. Soccer balls or basketballs are great active gifts for kids.
Kicking a soccer ball around is a great way to get active, even without competitive sports.

Sometimes we get sent outside and there isn’t really anything to do but walk around. Thankfully, I have come to your kids’ rescue! I hope this post is handy for you and your kids.

1. Slingball!

This is an interesting game that’s easy to learn and play, just try not to hit anyone with the ball.  There are two small nets and a ball, each net has a built in point, which you use to shoot the ball like a slingshot. The other person tries to catch it in their net, and then shoots it back.

Toy dinosaurs with sling ball equipment. Active gifts for kids.
Dinosaurs playing sling ball

This is one of my favorite games!

2. Soccer ball or basketball

Boys dribbling basketballs. Basketballs make excellent active gifts for kids.
Boys dribbling the ball on our back deck

These need no explanation. If your kids don’t have a soccer ball or basketball, I strongly suggest you get one! They are a lot of fun, teach teamwork and other skills, and are a good way to exercise.

We have three or four basketballs so that a few people can use them at the same time, and because there’s always one that needs to be pumped up. The same is true with our soccer balls. Get multiples, people! 

3. Inflatable/ kiddie pool

Boys in plastic kiddie pool. Kiddie pools are great active gifts for kids.
Boys in plastic kiddie pool

Yes! This is the best one on the whole list! You can get wading pools, or inflatable pools from Costco, and I highly recommend both. We have gone through a lot of Costco pools, and I have to say, the inflatable one was my favorite.

If you have young kids, I would suggest getting a wading pool, but if your kids are older, they’re going to want something deeper. Our  inflatable pool was about three feet high, so the water was about two and a half feet high.

Girls in inflatable pool. Inflatable pools make great active gifts for kids in hot weather.
Big enough for a big kid to paddle around in.

4. Birdies (Badminton)

We call both the actual sports equipment and the game “Birdie”, but it works. You just need birdies (shuttlecocks) and tennis racquets, and you bat it back and forth.

We like to see how many hits we can get before it touches the ground (usually about three), but you can also get a net and try to play the actual game- whatever you want!

5. Trampoline

Not a big expensive one, you can also get a little, one person, indoor trampoline. Our great grandparents sent my brothers one for Christmas a few years ago, and they loved it.

Boys on indoor trampoline with video lesson. Small indoor trampolines make great active gifts for kids.
The indoor trampoline for the boys came with video exercise cartoons to follow.

Having an indoor trampoline is a great way to get exercise or have fun on a rainy day, plus you’re less likely to get hurt.

6. Roller Skates or Rollerblades

I have recently taken up rollerblading and there are many reasons you should too. It helps improve balance and coordination, for one thing, and it also builds muscles and improves your mood.

There are roller skates or blades in lots of different colors and styles, and you can skate basically anywhere as long as it’s flat enough. You can also impress your kids, who never thought you were cool enough to know how to skate. Don’t forget your protective gear!

7. Wagon

When I was about five we had two big red wagons that we played in all the time. We liked to pretend it was a train, or a food cart, or sometimes a carriage for the newlywed king and queen. Rook was always the queen, who for some reason had a magic china cabinet, but I am very off topic.

Wagons are a lot of fun and you can also use them for yard work. Enough said. You need one.

8. Ninja Course!!

Ninja courses are a great way to stay fit and flexible while feeling like a talking turtle with a mask. As always, there are lots of options, but if you have older kids I would suggest getting a long one, possibly with a trapeze. I guarantee you will be blown away by what they can do (especially if you give them nunchucks!).

9. Foam blocks

These are indoor and outdoor toys! You can let your kids roll around and do somersaults and acrobatics without worrying about them falling and splitting their head. You can also build things with the pieces when you get bored of rolling around like a hooligan.

10. Slip ‘n slide or Water obstacle course

Kids on slip and slide. Slip and slides are some of the best active gifts for kids.

Slip ‘n slides are the best! You run as fast as you can and then you just flomp on it and slide until you hit the end, by which point you are dripping wet and laughing. They come in a million different colors and lengths and are pretty sturdy.

I have never used a water obstacle course, but it sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m excited to try it sometime. 

11. Archery set!

We used to have a kids archery set, and I remember wanting to stay outside and shoot all day. Just to clarify, we got an archery set with a plastic target and arrows with little suction cups on the ends, not an actual archery set. Just in case you were thinking our parents were letting five year olds run around unsupervised with sharp things.

Girl shooting a toy bow and arrow. Archery sets make great active gifts for kids.
Burro shooting a bow and arrow.

I have done some actual archery, but I have to say a set like ours is probably the best plan because it doesn’t take much training or supervision, it’s cheaper, and there’s much less chance of someone getting hurt.

Active Gifts for Kids

(From Mom) Appaloosa has created an excellent list of gifts for kids to stay active. Almost all of these have been favorites with our six kids, and for friends who came to visit. We hope you find some new ideas for the kids in your life to stay active!

Girl behind archery target. Archery sets are some of the best active gifts for kids.

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Boy in wagon. Wagons make great active gifts for kids.
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Girl in front of Archery target. Archery sets make great active gifts for kids.
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  1. Great ideas to keep kids physically active and entertained simultaneously. My nephew he loves to play with soccer ball and badminton and yes in summer he don’t to leave his swimming pool.

  2. What a great post to have kids activities to get them outside. It is sad to not see kids out playing anymore. So glad you promote these fun things to do.

  3. these are all great gift ideas for kids, I would want the roller blades and soccer ball 🙂

  4. I love these old-fashioned, trusted, and outdoorsy games for kids. So much better than getting addicted to some video games! It’s also great when kids can play together. You’re lucky that your little ones are so close in age:)

    1. Yes, they manage to entertain each other well most of the time – when I’m not breaking up disagreements. 😊

  5. All these outdoor activities will surely help kids being so used to be at home for so long especially during the pandemic. They are free to express themselves now!

  6. Fantastic post, love the archery set!. It is wonderful to see kids play outside and have fun. I always encourage my son and all his friends to do so and they created wonderful memories that will stay with them all their life.

  7. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I’m glad my post was helpful. More coming soon!

  8. What a great list! My daughter loves the trampoline and all the water-related activities listed here. I grew up playing badminton so I definitely recommend that too!

  9. As a kid, I had the bow and arrow 😉 My child had the kiddie pool, the water slide, and the trampoline. Those are all nice ideas.

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