75+ Best Gifts for Dungeon Masters and D&D players

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Chaotic good, tiefling, botch— if you recognize these phrases, chances are you have been around Dungeons and Dragons players!

Photo of the cover of a Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set for Dragons of Stormwreck Isle.

Our teen daughters started playing Dungeons & Dragons in the last year, and quickly became fans. But understanding what gifts D&D players will appreciate can be confusing for non-players (me). So I asked my youngest daughter (who is a Dungeon Master) to help me come up with a list of gifts for dungeon masters (DMs).

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TL;DR: Our full list of Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas is available to browse on our Amazon Storefront.

In this gift guide, we’ll share captivating D&D gifts that will delight DMs and take their storytelling to new heights. From map-making tools to miniatures, from innovative dice sets to campaign setting books, we’ve got everything a dungeon master could want. Plus we’ve included some fandom merch and fun gifts that add a touch of whimsy to their game night.

Our youngest daughter holds her new Essentials Kit for Dungeons and Dragons. Gifts for Dungeon Masters.
Our youngest daughter is the Dungeon Master in our family

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Campaign Setting and Adventure Books

Stack of D&D sets and dice in a jar.

Campaign books provide dungeon masters with a pre-designed setting, complete with detailed locations, characters, and quests. These books serve as reference material, taking the burden off dungeon masters to create everything from scratch. 

From classic fantasy settings to futuristic sci-fi worlds, a new campaign book is a great gift idea for your favorite D&D lover.

1. D&D Essentials Kit (Dungeons & Dragons Intro Adventure Set) 

If your Dungeons and Dragons player is just getting started and has nothing at all, this is the set to begin with. It’s what we got our girls when they first expressed an interest in playing D&D.

D&D Essentials kit

2. D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

This is another great beginner set for new D&D players. It allows them to build some skills and experience.

3. Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book)

Once your D&D players have completed a couple basic campaigns, this book or Keys from the Golden Vault (below) will help them further develop their skills and level up characters.

4. Keys From the Golden Vault (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book)

More Campaign Tools

Our daughter setting up a D&D campaign using her DM screen.

In addition to campaign books, there are several other things a DM needs to enhance their storytelling. One such tool is a DM screen, which acts as a barrier between the dungeon master and players, hiding notes, maps, and secret information.

These screens often come printed with useful charts, tables, and reminders as well.

DM screen, player-facing side/
DM screen

5. DND DM Screen 5e, D&D Dungeon Master Screen 3D Faux Leather 4 Panel Game Master Screen with Customizable Inserts 

Inside of the Dungeon Master Screen. Gifts for Dungeon masters.
Some of the handy info on the Dungeon Master’s side of the DM screen

I’m loving the embossed images on this screen! Any dungeon master would love to upgrade their standard screen to this faux leather version.

6. DND DM Screen 5e – D&D Dungeon Master Screen Full Color Print with Customizable Inserts – Dungeons and Dragons GM/Game Master Accessories

Conditions listed on the inside of the Dungeon Master's Screen.
Conditions listed inside the DM screen

7. Stratagem The Master’s Tome 4-Panel Customizable GM Screen with Free Inserts – Dry Erase, Dungeon & Game Master Accessory for Tabletop RPG Campaigns (Black)

This DM screen comes in several different colors and allows your Dungeon Master to write and wipe it off for each new campaign.

A campaign planner or journal can be the perfect tool for your dungeon master. These specially designed notebooks provide space to jot down ideas, keep track of character sheets and background information, and sketch out maps or diagrams.

Front cover of The Campaign Notebook for Dungeons and Dragons DMs

8. DND Notebook / Journal, Unique 200 Page Book with 3D Bronze Dragon Embossed Faux Leather Cover with Pen- Ideal for Dungeons & Dragons

9. DND Campaign Journal with 3D Cthulhu Embossed Leather Cover

I don’t even know what a Cthulhu is, but this cover is fascinating!

10. Call of the Raven Storm Campaign Notebook

This is a super basic version, but that makes it easy to buy several copies for different campaigns.

Example campaign notebook page spread with lined page on one side and grid page with tombstone graphic on the facing page.
Some campaign notebooks come with grids to create maps and diagrams.

11. The Campaign Notebook: Your RPG journal, notebook and sketchbook for your campaign sessions with 100 pages of lined, grid, and blank paper for doodles, notes, maps, and drawings.

This would be great for a more advanced D&D player who wants to design their own campaign from the ground up.

Example page spread with lined page on one side and blank space with a graphic of a ruined brick wall on the facing page.
Another example spread from The Campaign Notebook

Some other good gifts to help dungeon masters include: 

Cover for the Dungeon Master's Guide book, one of the core rulebooks. Great gifts for dungeon masters.
Cover for the Dungeon Master’s Guide book, one of the core rulebooks.

12. Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set 

This is a classy, bound set of the books and includes a unique DM screen as well.

13. Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Cards: Monsters 0-5 (D&D Accessory)

14. Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Cards: Epic Monsters (D&D Accessory)

Two pages in the Dungeon Master's Guide book explaining details about magic items.
Two pages in the Dungeon Master’s Guide book explaining details about magic items.

15. Dungeons and Dragons Spellbook Cards Bundle (8 Items): Cleric, Druid, Bard, Martial Powers & Races, Paladin, Ranger, Arcane, and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Decks 

16. Spellbook Cards: Arcane (Dungeons & Dragons)

Cover of the Monster Manual rulebook for Dungeons and Dragons
Cover for the Monster Manual Core rulebook.

17. The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons Illustrated Book) 

This book does double duty as a tool for D&D game players, and a book that any dragon lover would also enjoy! NOTE: we have another gift guide specifically for dragon fans.

Pages showing information about Brass Dragons from the Monster Manual.
Pages showing information about Brass Dragons from the Monster Manual.

18. Places & Portals (Dungeons & Dragons): A Young Adventurer’s Guide 

This book is designed for beginners who are new to D&D.

19. Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse (Dungeons & Dragons Book)

This book is currently out of print, but may be available again soon.

Intricate Map-making Tools

Part of a map from a Dungeons & Dragons kit showing Neverwinter Wood.
Part of a map from a Dungeons & Dragons kit

When crafting a fantasy world for their tabletop game, dungeon masters are faced with the task of bringing their imaginative landscapes to life. Map-making tools will help them to depict the terrain, landmarks, and hidden treasures that await their players.

20. CZYY DND Foldable Mat Dry Erase TTRPG Map Grassland & Desert Two-Sided Cardboard Terrain 27×23 Inches with Square Grid

21. Tidyboss Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set | 3 X Double Sides 24x 36 Game Grid Mat

Part of a map illustration in a campaign setting book.

Immersive Miniatures and Terrain

Immersive miniatures and terrain make great gift ideas as well. With detailed miniatures and terrain tiles, dungeon masters can create realistic landscapes which adds a tactile element to the tabletop experience.

22. Battle Game Mat for DND – Tabletop Board Game Map for Dungeons and Dragons – Perfect Set for Starters and Masters

23. Tavern Bar Furniture Set DND Terrain 28mm for Dungeons and Dragons

24. CZYY Fantasy Miniatures 2.5D Wood Laser Cut Figures 28mm Scale 6PCS Starter Set Perfect for D&D, Dungeons and Dragons

25. DND Metal Coins Set of 60 with Leather Pouch

26. EnderToys Mausoleum Graveyard Scene – Miniature Terrain Set – 28mm Scale Scenery

Illustration of a character from a D&D book.

Designing dungeons with secret passages, traps, and unique architecture becomes a breeze. The ability to physically place miniature characters and props in just the right place opens up new possibilities for random encounters and captivating narratives.

27. Tavern Terrain Wood Laser Cut 3-Level Fantasy Inn Battle Map with 1″ Grid for D&D

28. 3D RPG Miniatures Ship Wood Laser Cut, 3-Level with 1″ Grid Battle Terrain Map Perfect for D&D

29. Dungeon Brick Walls (Set of 16) Wood Laser Cut 2″ x 1″ 3D Modular Terrain Tiles 28mm Scale 

30. 15 DND Healing Potion Tokens

31. DND Metal Coins Set of 60 with Leather Pouch – Gaming Tokens, Pirate Treasure, Accessories & Props for Board Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Tabletop RPGs and LARP

Dungeon Master planning tools, including two journals, colored pens, sticky notes, and D&D rulebooks on a countertop.
Dungeon Master planning tools

32. Newcombie 29 Heroic Townsfolk Fantasy Miniatures for DND

33. 28 Painted Fantasy Mini Figures- All Unique Designs– 1″ Hex-sized Compatible with Dnd

34. Stratagem 49 Hand-Illustrated Colorful Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game| DND 5e|The Deck of Many Things & The Deck of Many Fates

35. Game Master’s Merchant The Deck of Many Things | Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition

36. DND Miniatures Condition Markers – 96 Rings to Track 24 Different Status & Spell Effects

Innovative Dice Sets

A handful of multicolored polyhedral dice for Dungeons and Dragons.

According to my daughter, you can never have enough dice! Dice are an essential component of any tabletop role-playing game, and DnD games require at least one full set of polyhedral dice. 

20-sided red D&D die held between the thumb and forefinger.

However, dungeon masters know that the right set can enhance the overall experience for both themselves and their players. DnD dice sets come in dozens of different colors, materials and designs, and DnD players often enjoy collecting different dice. 

37. Cttasty DND Dice Set Resin Sharp Edge Dice Set Handmade 7pcs Polyhedral Dice Set

38. Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set,DNDND Handmade Sharp Edge 7 Resin D&D Die with Gift Dice Case for DND Dungeons and Dragon Game (Dark Cyan with Gold Number)

39. Giant D20 Metal Dice Bronze Blue for Call of Cthulhu

Assortment of different colored dice for D&D.
Different colored dice

40. CREEBUY DND Dice Set Dark Blue Mix Black Nebula Dice for Dungeon and Dragons

41. Haxtec DND Dice Set Metal D&D Dice Set with Leather Dice Bag Antique Iron Green Metal Polyhedral Dice for Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG Gifts

42. 6 Sets DND Dice Polyhedral Dice Dungeons and Dragons Rolling Dice

With Christmas coming soon, I’m thinking this set would make perfect stocking stuffers for my kids – even the younger ones who don’t play D&D love colored dice! This would also be ideal party favors for a D&D game night or birthday party theme.

6 multicolored dice sets.
Set of 6 dice sets for D&D

43. KERWELLSI Metal DND Dice Set, Green Dungeons and Dragons Dice with Box

These stunning metal dice are not only visually appealing, but the metal rolling around in your hands with each dice throw is “sensory-good” (as my oldest daughter with ADHD says). I could see these making a fantastic fidget alternative.

44. Haxtec Bloodstained Metal DND Dice Se

Dice Accessories

I didn’t even know dice accessories were a thing until my daughter started telling me about them! There are so many fun things to give your D&D dice collector, from a dice tower (for randomized rolls), to a good dice tray, to a dice vault for storage. 

45. JstFrU DND Dice Tower with Tray for Role Playing Game,Dungeons and Dragons

Blue D&D dice set.

46. AUSPDICE Dice Rolling Tower and Tray Retro Castle Mold Color

47. Dice Tower | Portable Gaming D&D Dice Tower with Tray and 5 Dice | Foldable Dice Rolling Tower for Travel | DND Dice Tower for RPG, Board Games | Dice Tower Dungeons and Dragons

48. FOXBITE Dice Tower for Dungeons and Dragons Tower with Tray Wood Laser Etched DND 

49. SIQUK Large Dice Bag with Pockets Drawstring Dice Bag DND Dice Storage Bag

50. MunnyGrubbers – Dragon’s Hoard Dice Tray – (Random 7pc D20 Dice Included)

51. STYLIFING Dice Tray Metal Dice Rolling Tray Holder Storage Box for RPG DND Table Games

52. LYNX DND Dice Jail – Time Out Chair & Dunce Hat Punish Your Bad in Our of Shame Accessories

This gift idea made me laugh out loud! Apparently players get a kick out of “punishing” dice that come up with bad numbers??

53. MunnyGrubbers – Dice Jail Cage – Time Out Chair & Dunce Hat – Chair of Shame – Crit Crown & Lucky Throne

54. DND Dice Jail Prison with Polyhedral Dice Set Wood Cage for Your Bad Dice (Dice Jail A)

55. Toy Vault 20-Sided Dice Storage Treasure Box, D20-Shaped Dice Storage Container

56. Galdor’s Guild Mimic Dice Chest Storage Box | Free Lock & Key

Fandom Merch and Fun Gifts for Dungeon Masters

Fact book about Dungeons and Dragons.
A fun fact book about Dungeons and Dragons.

Fandom merch and fun gifts are a great way to celebrate your player’s love for the world of Dungeons & Dragons. From clothing and accessories to collectibles and games, you’re sure to find an amazing gift for anyone.

57. Rustic Retro Metal Tin Sign – Dragon My Four Moods Metal Poster Plaque

58. Funny Mugs, LOL D&D Stats Mug – Sarcasm 11oz White Ceramic Coffee Mug 

59. HOUVSSEN Definitely Not A Mimic Poster DND Posters

60. Cute Dragon Dice Dungeon RPG Case – Compatible with iPhone 15 

61. Tears of My Players Mug for Dungeons and Dragons Party Gifts for dnd Lovers DM Wooden Beer Mug 17oz

62. Dungeons And Dragons Sign Dragon Wall Art 

63. Potion of Awakening D20 Tumbler 20oz

64. Dungeons and Dragons Dragons in Dragons Silky Touch Super Soft Throw Blanket 50″ x 60″

One popular choice among DMs is clothing that showcases their role as the storyteller. T-shirts, hoodies, socks and hats with D&D slogans or imagery from the game can instantly create connections with fellow fans.

65. Dungeons & Dragons What Doesn’t Kill You Gives You XP T-Shirt

66. Dungeons and Dragons Baseball Cap, Adjustable Snapback Skater Baseball Hat with Flat Brim, Black, One Size

67. Hyp Dungeons and Dragons D&D Logos Socks

68. Bioworld Dungeons & Dragons Printed Red Crew Socks for Men

69. Because I’m The DM That’s Why T-Shirt

70. Don’t Worry I Have A Plan Role Playing Game D20 Game Master Pullover Hoodie

71. Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Ampersand Logo Pullover Hoodie

72. Dungeons & Dragons If Master Smiles, Already Too Late T-Shirt

I bought this shirt for my daughter’s birthday, and it was quickly appropriated by another sister!

Photo of the D&D rulebook and two-page spread from the "Inside the World of Dungeons and Dragons" book.
D&D campaign summary

For those who enjoy the tactile experience of physical objects, collectibles and miniatures make ideal gifts. Many of the miniatures also offer opportunities for custom items and paintwork, allowing every dungeon master to personalize their collection.

73. Wildspire Fantasy Miniatures w/Bookish Dragon for DND Miniatures Monsters DND 28mm Bulk Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures 

74. Wildspire 36 Spellblades & Enchanted Objects – Characters & Animated Objects for DND Miniatures 28mm

75. NECA Dungeons & Dragons: Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Beholder

Hero Forge – great personalized gift!

Screen shot of an anthro-canine character design on the website Hero Forge. Gifts for Dungeon Masters.
Screen shot of a character design on the website Hero Forge.

If you’re looking to wow your favorite dungeon master this holiday season, we’ve found the most amazing gift. Get them a gift card for Hero Forge, a website that allows your Dungeons and Dragons player to design and purchase a custom figurine of their character! 

Digital gifts for D&D players

Screen shot from D&D Beyond website
Screen shot from D&D Beyond website.

Besides the tabletop game, there are many online options for dungeon master gifts. The D&D Beyond website is a great resource for players, allowing them to engage with other D&D fans in an online platform. A subscription to this site would be a fantastic and practical gift for solo players who can’t always find friends to game with.

Photo from Chapter 4 Clifftop observatory in one of the D&D campaign books.

Even more gift ideas

Lastly, let’s not forget the many board games and card games inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Themed board games, decks of collectible cards, and even a card game version of D&D can provide hours of entertainment for dungeon masters and players alike.

76. Dungeon Mayhem | Dungeons & Dragons Card Game | 2–4 Players, 120 Cards

77. Crayola Art with Edge, Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Set, Adult Coloring, Gift for Teens and Adults

D&D birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and anytime gifts

Brian and our older kids playing Dungeons and Dragons.
Brian and the older kids playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Surprise your favorite dungeon master with the perfect gift that will transport them to realms beyond their wildest dreams. As the Dungeon Master’s Guide states, “The worlds you create are unique to you. You have ultimate authority over what does and doesn’t exist within your campaign.” These gifts are tools to help unlock that authority and spark creativity. 

P.S. If you still need gift ideas for other family members, we have several gift guides of ideas for different interests. Check our our gift guide for cowboys, gifts for cowgirls, Lego gift ideas, gift ideas for dinosaur fans, and camping gifts for kids!

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Pinnable collage for gifts for dungeon masters
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