Oregon’s Tulip Festival: Tips & Best Time to Go

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Tulips are most often associated with European destinations, but you don’t have to go to the Netherlands to enjoy huge fields of tulips each spring! Here’s all the information you need to plan your visit to the tulip festival in Oregon: the best time to go, what to wear, activities and our recommendations for a great day.

Jenn and five kids in front of the red Wooden Show Tulip Fest truck covered in tulips.
April 16 2024

Looking for the other Pacific Northwest Tulip Festival?

Sometimes people get the Wooden Shoe TulipFest confused with another well-known tulip festival. Washington State also has a tulip festival, located in Mount Vernon. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is about an hour north of Seattle.

Orange tulips
Brilliant orange tulips

Where is the Oregon Tulip Festival?

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

33814 S Meridian Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is located just outside of Woodburn, Oregon. It’s about 45 minutes’ drive from the Portland Metro area, and about 35 minutes from Salem.

@dinkumtribe I’ve visited the TulipFest multiple times with an infant, and with young children. These are my best suggestions for a fun and memorable day with neurodivergent kids. It’s important to know ahead of time that you aren’t allowed to pick your own tulips (to protect the bulbs for future years). Also, you’re not supposed to run through the rows, or even walk through the rows. Burning off the excess energy before going to the fields was really helpful for my boys so that they could comply with the rules. We had a fantastic visit! #tulipfest2024 #tiptoethroughthetulips #oregontulipfestival #oregontulips #oregontulips #woodenshoetulipfestival #neurodivergentkids #parenthack #autismmom @Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel ♬ original sound – DinkumTribe ADHD family travel

When is the Best Time to Go to the Tulip Festival in Oregon?

Dates for 2024 Tulip Festival: March 22-April 28, 2024. Tickets available now.

Check the website for current bloom status information.

Our son gawks at a red and white variegated tulip.
Gotta love the multicolored tulips!

The dates for the Tulip Fest typically run from late March to the end of April. The last 2 years, the weather and blooms allowed an extra week in early May.

The best time is often in mid- to late April, but check the website around late February for a weekly field report.

Peak bloom time will be different each year, based on weather conditions and the crop rotation of the flower fields. If you have some flexibility for your visit dates, the Farm’s Facebook page is regularly updated with the exact dates for best blooms.

Rows of thousands of pink, red, purple and yellow tulips.

If you can’t make it during the perfect time, let me assure you that you will still enjoy acres of tulips anytime during the season! I’ve visited three times in late March or early April, and it was still incredibly beautiful.

Best Time of Day

For epic photos, you’ll want to get out during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. Each year, Wooden Shoe Farm offers special sunrise photography passes so that shutterbugs can access the farm with less crowds and great light in the early morning. 

Rows of tulips with a windmill in the distant background.

You’ll want to plan ahead if there are specific photos you hope to get. If you want the perfect shot of hot air balloons over the tulips, you’ll need to visit on a day with no rain and very little wind. 

On a clear day, you can even see Mount Hood in the distance from the tulip fields.

Mt. Hood behind tulip fields
Mt. Hood in the upper left


The Tulip Festival sells admission individually as well as by carloads. The weekday or weekend family car passes are an excellent value for families with children over the age of 12. 

Our son on child-sized tractor in front of orange tulips. Tulip festival Oregon best time to go.

For families with children 12 and under, the individual passes are best for general admission. There are also senior discounted passes, as well as individual season passes for those who want to come more than once in the season. 

For current ticket pricing and availability, check the Wooden Shoe Farm website. Parking is included with any admission.

Jenn and son stand behind giant wooden letters that say "I heart Tulips" with tulip fields in the background.

Daily Activities and Special Events During the TulipFest

Each year there’s lots to do at this working farm, so you can easily spend a day here with the whole family.

Rows upon rows of colorful tulips make TulipFest a favorite spring activity in Oregon.

Daily Activities (access included with general admission)

Tulip Field access: walk amongst the 40 acres of tulip fields, enjoying the beautiful colors and different varieties. 

Photo Ops in the fields: numerous wooden cutouts, large wooden shoes, and an elevated platform for beautiful views of tulip fields.

Little girl in giant wooden shoe in tulip field. Tulip Festival Oregon best time to go.
One of the photo ops in the tulip field (March 26)
@dinkumtribe Three boys, one wagon = nonstop motion and energy expenditure! #tulipfest2024 #tiptoethroughthetulips #oregontulipfestival #oregontulips #woodenshoetulipfestival #neurodivergentkids #parenthack @Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel ♬ original sound – DinkumTribe ADHD family travel

Tulip Display beds: The Wooden Shoe Bulb Company offers tulip bulbs for home delivery. Go to the display beds with the catalog to find the perfect tulips to order for growing in your home garden.

The shuttle out to the fields.
Shuttle to the tulip fields

Free shuttle out to the tulip field and back to the main building. There are also cow wagons to pull children around the field.

Our son in a cow wagon with the tulip fields in the background.
Our boys took turns pulling each other around the fields in the cow wagon

Children’s play area with playground equipment, duck races (race rubber duckies by pumping water) and a hay bale tent.

Two of our boys race rubber ducks in trenches by hand pumping water into the trenches to send the ducks down the trench.
Duck races!

Wooden Shoe Garden area with picnic tables for enjoying a quieter lunch.

Daily activities that may require additional costs

Boy on pink tractor in tulip field
A pink tractor!

Food trucks and food stalls: check the website for which vendors will be present on the day of your visit.

Tulip Tour Train (additional cost): slower tour around the tulip fields with stops for photos.

Tulip Market: here’s where you can buy cut flowers, order bulbs, and other merchandise. Located in the main building.

Field Greenhouse tent: also purchase cut flowers, potted tulips and order tulips here. It’s out by the wooden windmill in the field.

tulip fields with lots of visitors. Tulip Festival Oregon best time to go.
Tulip Festival Oregon: best time to go is during the week for less crowds – this photo shows a weekday crowd!

Red Barn Hemp: Wooden Shoe’s family farm also grows hemp and creates hemp oil products. You can learn all about it in this barn.

Wooden Shoe Vineyards Tasting room: Take a break from the fields to enjoy wine tasting as well as local beer and ciders.

@dinkumtribe Enjoy wine tasting after a long walk in the tulip fields. @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe #woodenshoetulipfestival #tulipfest #tulipfarm #familytravelcreator #oregonfamily #pnwfamily #familytravelvlog #winetastetest #winetastingvenue ♬ smiles & sunsets – ultmt.

Special events and weekend activities during the TulipFest

Partially carved wooden shoes.
Partially carved wooden shoes

The following activities vary by weekend, and may be weather dependent. Check the website calendar before your visit for the most up-to-date information.

Wooden shoemaking demonstrations and steam tractor demonstrations.

Antique steam tractors. Tulip festival Oregon best time to go.
Steam tractors

Craft Marketplace and live music: check the website for vendor listing and performers closer to the tulip festival dates.

For the kids: Balloon artist (near the kids play area), inflatables and carnival rides (jump tents, bounce houses, etc.)

Jenn and son behind painted cutouts of a Dutch boy and girl, tulip fields and windmill in the background.
Another photo op!

Farm wine tours: This is only for ages 21+ and requires a reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

Hot air balloon rides: These are offered through private companies, check the Wooden Shoe website for the current vendors.

Our son smells some pink tulips.

Tulip Festival Oregon: Know Before You Go

Pets Policy

Dogs and other pets on leashes can visit the tulips as long as the owners clean up after them. Also, if your pet doesn’t do well with other pets or people, it might be best to leave them at home.

What to wear

Girl standing in two giant wooden shoes in front of tulip field. Tulip Festival Oregon best time to go.
Another photo op – giant wooden shoes! (March 26)

Spring in the Pacific Northwest means frequent rain, and the fields do have a lot of dirt and mud. Plan to wear shoes and clothing that can get muddy.

We also suggest bringing a blanket or towels to clean off kids and pets before they get back into the vehicle. You may even want an extra outfit, in case someone takes a tumble. 

If you want photos sitting in the field, a blanket for the ground is also a good idea.

Girl running through the tulips with muddy boots. Tulip Festival Oregon best time to go.
Note the muddy boots – mud is common in Oregon springtime!

Note that the TulipFest remains open even in the rain, although some activities are weather dependent.

Food and Drink

You can purchase a variety of food and drinks from the vendors or the market. You are also free to bring your own picnic and enjoy it on the grounds.

A Note to Parents

I’ve visited the TulipFest with an infant, and with young children. It’s important to know ahead of time that you aren’t allowed to pick your own tulips (to protect the bulbs for future years). Also, you’re not supposed to run through the rows, or even walk through the rows.

Poster showing rules of the tulip fields.

Here’s the thing: EVERY kid sees the flowers and wants to do those two things! And who can blame them?

The last two times I went, I deliberately left my toddler and preschooler at home with my husband. 

Family in front of the tulip field. Tulip festival Oregon best time to go.
April 1st

I don’t enjoy spending my time telling my kids not to touch, or not to run. I’d just rather come back with them when they are old enough to consistently follow the rules.

So if you have kids who have ADHD, or struggle to follow instructions, or if you have kids who get easily overwhelmed in crowds, this might not be the event for them. 

Kids among red tulips.
This is what you’re not supposed to do (we tried, really!)

Visiting Wooden Shoe Farm at other times of the year

The Wooden Shoe Farm is open year round with different seasonal events. The fall gift shop and holiday gift shop is open daily, as well as the Wooden Shoe Tasting Room

Tulip bulbs and other flower bulbs can be ordered year-round for delivery in the fall. 

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Other Local Attractions and Places to Stay

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm doesn’t have guest rooms or overnight accommodations. However several local hotels are listed on their website in the nearby cities of Woodburn, Silverton and Mollala.

Woodburn, Oregon

Woodburn is the closest city to TulipFest, and is worth exploring on its own. You can check out the premium outlet stores, or stay in one of the chain hotels such as Best Western in this family-friendly destination.

Car racing at the Woodburn drag strip

Woodburn has a drag strip racetrack that has races from spring through fall, weather permitting. It’s an inexpensive activity for families with kids who love cars. Just make sure to bring along some earplugs or other hearing protection!

@dinkumtribe Watching more races at the drag strip! #dragster #dragstrip #racingcar #thingstodowithkids #adhdfamilytravel #familytravelcreator #familytraveltiktoker #oregonfamily #pnwfamily #pnwfamilies #oregonfamilies #familytravelvlog #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #familytravelvlogger #familytravelinfluencer #travelwithkids ♬ Speed Demon (2012 Remaster) – Michael Jackson

Legion Park in Woodburn is another great spot to explore or picnic. The dinosaur-themed climbing structure is unique and younger kids can enjoy digging for “fossils”— real Ice Age fossils were actually unearthed in the park some years back!

@dinkumtribe We had a great day exploring this beautiful old park in Woodburn, Oregon. #adhdfamilytravel #familytravelcreator #familytraveltiktoker #oregonfamily #pnwfamily #pnwfamilies #oregonfamilies #familytravelvlog #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #familytravelvlogger #familytravelinfluencer #travelwithkids @dinkumtribe #dinosaurplay #dinosaurplace #fossiltok ♬ Try Everything (From “Zootopia”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Check online for special events happening at the Park, such as the Fiesta Mexicana

A short distance from Legion Park is a beautifully restored steam locomotive. When you’ve seen all you want to see of the train engine, cross the tracks and explore the shops of historic old town Woodburn.

@dinkumtribe This locomotive has been lovingly restored and sits across from the historic buildings on Front Street. #locomotive #locomotives #adhdfamilytravel #familytravelcreator #familytraveltiktoker #oregonfamily #pnwfamily #pnwfamilies #oregonfamilies #familytravelvlog #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #familytravelvlogger #familytravelinfluencer #travelwithkids @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe ♬ Legends Are Made – Sam Tinnesz

Silverton, Oregon

Silverton City of the Falls mural

The Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton offers a TulipFest package deal. We’ve written about our stay at the Resort for the Silverton Christmas Market, and it’s only about 15 minutes from the tulip festival.

Silverton has great restaurants, shops, and fun things to do! The Oregon Garden is beautiful year-round and Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Gordon House” is another unique attraction.

@dinkumtribe Playing in the hobbit house at the Oregon Garden. The Children’s Garden is one of several themed sections. #familytravelblogger #familytravelcreator #familytraveltiktoker #familytravelblog #familytravelinfluencer #familytravelvlog #silvertonoregon #silvertonor #oregonmoms #oregonfamilyouting #oregonfamily #pnwfamily #pnwfamilies #pnwadventuretime #adhdfamilytravel #childrensgarden ♬ Concerning Hobbits – Howard Shore

Silverton is the nearest city to Silver Falls State Park, called the “crown jewel” of Oregon’s state parks.

Here’s some great restaurants in the Silverton area that we’ve enjoyed:

Other Local Flower Festivals 

Before I moved to Oregon, I had no idea there were so many flower festivals in the area! Visiting the farms in spring showcases the beauty of the Willamette Valley at its best. Here are a few nearby favorites (see our flower fields post for the full list.)

  • Lavender Festivals (June-July): Helvetia, Sauvie Island, Willamette Valley, are just a few options to check out.
  • Portland International Rose Garden (June) 
  • Dahlia Festival in Canby (August)

Tulip Festival Oregon FAQs

Unusually shaped pink and yellow tulip blossom.

Where can I see Tulips in Oregon?

Tulips are other bulbs are popular in Oregon so you can spot them throughout Oregon. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is the place to go to see tulip fields. This farm is famous for its tulip fields and attractions.

Any other questions about the Oregon Tulip Festival?

Visiting Oregon’s tulip festival is always a highlight of the year for our kids! If you have more questions about the best time to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm or other questions, drop them in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer them.

© Copyright Jennifer D. Warren 2022-2024. First published: November 15, 2022. Updated with new photos: April 16, 2024.

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