75+ Dragon Gifts for Her or Him: Unique Gift Guide

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Dragons Everywhere!

I guarantee that there is an adult or child in your life who would love the perfect dragon gift!

Our second daughter in a bookstore holding a new dragon graphic novel she found, "City of Dragons: The Awakening Storm". Dragon gifts for her.
Super excited for this new series!

Just in case you’ve missed it, dragons are everywhere right now. The Game of Thrones series, How to Train Your Dragon movies and books, the Dungeons and Dragons game and movie, and even Pokemon characters all feature dragons prominently, along with many other forms of media. 

Screen shot of dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Go!
A few dragon Pokemon

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If you’re nodding your head, you’ll want to bookmark this list of great gift ideas for him or her. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite dragon lover on holidays or special occasions.

Dragon gifts for her.

Our teen daughter has loved dragons forever! Her first dragon-themed birthday was at age 8, and she’s never looked back. Dragon books, dragon movies, stuffed dragons, Lego dragons — you name it, she probably has it or wants it.

Finding unique dragon gifts for her is a surefire way to delight her, and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Girl with stuffed Toothless character dragon on her shoulder.
Burro and Toothless

I asked our kids who love dragons to curate this list of dragon gifts for her / him. Bookmark this post so you won’t have to scramble the next time you need birthday gifts or Christmas ideas!

How this dragon gift list is organized

We’ve organized this list into sections based on themed gift ideas: gifts for kids, gifts for teens, low-cost gifts, and gifts for adults. There’s also a section on bearded dragon gifts, because this real-life pet tends to be popular with dragon lovers too. 

Best dragon gifts for little kids

Blue stuffed dragon. Dragon gifts for her.

Little girls or boys who love dragons need some sturdy dragon gifts that won’t easily break or cause them injury. Also, some kids prefer fierce dragons (maybe even scary), and others prefer cute dragons, so be sure to ask which is preferred ahead of time if possible. 

Toy plastic dragon. Dragon gifts for her or him.

Toys and stuffed animals make great choices, as well as movies or books. Please note that some of these come with multiple options, so visit the site to see all the colors available.

Stuffed dragons

1.Douglas Aragon Navy Dragon plush toy

The Douglas store has several different varieties of plush dragon available, so check the shop to see which color or design will be best for your recipient.

2.Ty Beanie Boos Cinder the Green Dragon plush toy

The TY Beanie Boos collection also has several dragon varieties in different colors and stances.

Lego dragon sets

3. LEGO NINJAGO Water Dragon

Legos are hugely popular with kids and adults alike! This ninja dragon set comes with moveable limbs and several mini figures that some Lego enthusiasts enjoy collecting.

4. LEGO NINJAGO Kai’s Fire Dragon

Similar to the Water dragon building set above, this Fire Dragon Lego set will keep your recipient busy with lots of imaginative play opportunities. One of our boys received this exact set a year or two ago, and still enjoys playing with it.

Toy dragon figurines

5. Robo Alive Dragon Toys, 10″ 7 Headed Dragons

This fiery dragon toy lights up and makes noises, which could be scary for some younger kids. One of our boys received a dragon like this at age 3 and was too afraid to have it in his bedroom. So it would probably be good for a slightly older child.

6. Discovery Kids RC Dragon Smoke Breathing Pet Toy

This blue dragon toy operates by remote control, and has moving wings, sounds and even a water mist (to look like smoke)! Any kid who loves dragons would be delighted with this one.

7. Mini Dragon Toy Figures

These mini plastic dragons are great for everyday play, or to use as cake toppers and party favors at a dragon-themed celebration. My kids love to pack these in their backpacks for long road trips which is ideal because they are compact and make no noise.

8. Playmobil How to Train Your Dragon 3 with Light Fury and Baby dragon and children

We love Playmobil because the quality is incredible! It’s also easier for little hands to work, with especially if your kids don’t yet have the dexterity or strength to get Lego pieces apart without help.

How to Train your Dragon: The hidden World toys at a local store. dragon gifts for her.
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World toys at a local store a couple years back

9. Giant Fire Breathing Toothless Action Figure

Toothless is the main character from the How To Train Your Dragon movies, and his spunk and ferocity have made him beloved by all. This action figure with fire-breathing effects would make any kid happy!

Other dragon gifts for kids

Toy dragon. Dragon gifts for her or him.
Wyvern toy dragon

10. Reading Dragon Comforter

Such an adorable design, and you can order matching pillows, or a bath mat, or a shower curtain if you want to make a cute dragon bedroom theme! This whimsical image of a sea green dragon reading a book would be loved by little ones, especially if they love to read books as well.

Screenshot of reading dragon comforter from Society6. Dragon gifts for her.

11. Purple Dragon Throw Blanket 

She can declare her loyalty to dragons while snuggled under this gorgeous soft throw.

12. Purple Dragon Beach Towel

So beautiful and colorful! This high quality beach towel is perfect for any water activities, or even just as bathroom decor. Check out the rave reviews in the shop!

Screenshot of Society6 product purple dragon beach towel. Gifts for dragon lovers.

13. Dragon Lamp Dragon Night Light Kids Night Light

We purchased one of these nightlights for our son, and he loved it! Unfortunately, it’s not sturdy, so if you are purchasing it for a younger child, make sure it’s kept safely out of reach. Our son loves changing the colors!

14. How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Sleeptime Lite 11″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

We got this for one of our sons to keep on his bed at night and he adores it!

Dragon books, movies, and games for younger kids

15. How to Train Your Dragon book series, by Cressida Cowell

I’ve discussed this marvelous series in my post about the best fiction books, so here I’ll just say that if you have only seen the movies and never read the books, you are missing out! Hilarious and relatable, with outlandish characters and true heroism, any young (or young-at-heart) reader will love these books.

Dragon fiction books on a shelf. Dragon gifts for her or for him.
As you can see, these Dragon series’ have been read and re-read lots of times!

16. Wings of Fire series, by Tui Sutherland

Another series that my kids have read over and over. I recommend Wings of Fire for older kids, because there is some violence described (dragons attacking dragons) that would be too much for most little kids.

The Wings of Fire series is so popular that it has lots of merch for superfans to enjoy. Here’s a few more Wings of Fire themed gift ideas:

17. Official Wings of Fire Coloring Book

Our teen daughter received this as a Christmas gift, and she loves coloring her favorite book characters.

18. Wings of Fire Stickers, 60Pcs Funny Wings of Fire Dragon Party Gifts Vinyl Sticker

Your dragon lover can decorate her water bottle, laptop, notebooks and more with this collection of fun Wings of Fire stickers.

19. Unisex Printed Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt For Boys Girls Teen Kids

Any Wings of Fire fan would love this cute, snuggly hoodie!

20. Wings of Fire: A Guide to the Dragon World 

JUST RELEASED in 2023! This is the newest book by the author of Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland.

21. Unlegendary Dragon: The Magical Kids of Lore (Book 1 in series)

We haven’t read this series yet, but fantasy lovers and dragon enthusiasts will enjoy this unusual take on dragon stories.

22. Dragon Keepers Series 6 Books Set

My daughter has re-read this series multiple times as well. Since these are shorter books, they would probably be a great fit for kids who prefer easier chapter books.

23. Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly Graphic Novel Collection (Boxed Set)

Yet another series my teen daughter has requested for Christmas. Graphic novels are particularly great for struggling readers, but even strong readers often enjoy the brilliant illustrations.

24. Dragon Girls Series Books #1-9

New series alert! These will be more suited for upper elementary and middle schoolers.

25. How to Train Your Dragon movies (DreamWorks)

Stuffed toothless dragon. Dragon gifts for her.

If your child hasn’t seen these movies, or doesn’t already own them, they should! Funny and heartwarming, Dreamworks’ Dragon movies and TV series are fun for the whole family.

26. Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

27. When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore

Our son loves the book "When a Dragon Moves In".

Such a funny book! We got a hardcover version at Costco, but it’s available on Kindle too.

28. Dragon City app (Kindle)

My kids’ favorite app on Kindle by far! You get to collect and raise different types of dragons and then you level up with experience points.

Dragon gifts for teens

Dragon illustration. Great dragon gifts for her or for him.

Teens often enjoy dragon decor for their bedrooms, or merchandise with cool dragons printed on it. There are even more options for books, media, and video games. Again, if you see something that you like, be sure to visit the site so that you can see all the color choices.

Dragon decor

29. Touch Sensitive Dragon Plasma Ball, Air Ions Plasma Ball Lamp

So cool! Every one of my kids saw this plasma ball lamp and instantly wanted one, even those who are not huge dragon fans. This would work great for a teen room where little kids won’t have easy access.

30. Vintage Metal Plaque Dragon Books

Teens love wit and sarcasm, so this fun dragon metal plaque would be welcome in any dragon-lover’s room!

31. Meddle Not wooden sign

My personal favorite dragon quote! We have this sign on our daughter’s door, and it’s sturdy and well made. I consider it one of the best dragon gifts we’ve gotten her.

Sign says "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." Dragon gifts for her.

32. Golden Dragon Wall Tapestry

Wow! What a beautiful and classy way to decorate a big wall! This dragon tapestry would be a fantastic addition to any teen’s room.

Golden dragon wall tapestry from Society6. Dragon gifts for her or for him.

33. Framed Sign: I Just Really Like Dragons, OK?

Simple and funny, this framed sign would be perfect in a bathroom or bedroom. There are lots of framing options available, so check the shop for just the right look.

Screenshot of dragon sign that says, I just really like dragons, OK?

34. Mythical Dragon Lidded Treasure Trinket Box

The perfect spot to drop small jewelry, keys, coins or other tiny objects! These trinket boxes feature a coiled up sleeping dragon to guard your treasure hoard (several colors available).

Birthday pennant banner printed with How to Train Your Dragon characters.
How to Train Your Dragon birthday banner

Dragon merchandise

35. Fire Dragon Blanket by Anne Stokes Age of Dragons Collection

This epic image on a beautiful blanket had all of us “oohing and aahing”! It’s a great way to brighten up anyone’s room.

Anne Stokes’ iconic image of a fire-breathing dragon is also available on a T-shirt. My daughter received one and completely wore it to rags, she loved it so much!

Girl wearing dragon shirt and pointing excitedly at a Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream. Dragon gifts for her.
Remember how I mentioned her enthusiasm is contagious?

36. Book Dragon Coffee Mug

Waking up is notoriously difficult for most teens, so here’s a way to brighten their morning: bring them some tea in this fun mug!

Book Dragon mug from Society6. Dragon gifts for her or him.

37. Rainbow Dragon Phone case

Who wouldn’t want this beautiful phone case? Your teen can showcase their love of dragons with this unique and colorful iPhone case, or select one of several other color and design options.

Rainbow dragon iPhone case from Society6.

38. Rainbow Baby Dragon Backpack

I really love the colors on this backpack! The reviews indicate that it’s good quality. It would be the best dragon gift for someone who loves to travel, or for a teen who does a lot of commuting because it will stand out from other backpacks.

Rainbow baby dragon backpack from Society6.

39. Embossed Leather Dragon Journal Writing Notebook

WOW! This eye-catching notebook will be a favorite with any dragon fan!

Dragon interactive gifts/crafts

40. The Art of Drawing Dragons by Michael Dobrzycki

Many teens are learning to draw and illustrate more complex characters, so a drawing book is a great gift for the artist in your life! This one is simple enough for beginners to follow along with, and has many different options to try.

Dragon drawing book. Dragon gifts for her.
Inside The Art of Drawing Dragons book.

41. Double Dragon Blank Page book Handcrafted Leather Writing Unlined 8 x 6 Journal

Perfect for sketching or journaling! There are several styles of leather bound journal available with a double dragon design, so check the shop for all the different colors and designs.

42. Needle Felting Kits Beginners, DIY Wool Felt Dragon Materials Set for Adults Kids

This would be a fun project for a teen who loves to fidget!

43. Paint Your Own Dragons Painting Kit, Dragon Toys Arts and Crafts for Kids 

Dragon paint set with castle background.

We purchased this for our son on his 8th birthday, and it was just right for him. A teen would be able to paint more details, so I’d recommend it for ages 8-13.

Dragon books, movies, and games for teens

Dragon books on shelf. Dragon gifts for her.

There are so many dragon adventure books available now that I could probably make a whole post just on the books and movies! My daughter has some great dragon book suggestions for middle schoolers in her post, too.

44. The Awakening Storm: A Graphic Novel (City of Dragons #1)

This is another new series that my second daughter is excited to try out.

The photo below shows a recent selection that my daughter brought home from the library if you need more ideas for dragon book series. Dragon Girl, Dragon Rider, The Dragon in the Sock Drawer, Dragon Prince are just a few titles to get started with (Numbers 45-49 in my post list, if you’re counting).

Library books about dragons
A recent selection of library books that Burro borrowed – do you see a theme here?

50. Dragonology

For those kids, teens and adults who want to know all the lore and mythology surrounding dragons and similar mythical creatures, this book is unbeatable!

Dragonology book cover. Dragon gifts for her.

Dragon gifts for adults

Often adult dragon fans want something more classy to show off their love of dragons — for example, living room decor. Practical gifts that are dragon-themed can also be a good idea.

Dragon merchandise

51. Papa Dragon shirt

Who says kids are the only ones who can wear fun shirts? Dads young and old who love dragons will enjoy this comfy and stylish Papa Dragon shirt.

Papa Dragon shirt from Society6.

52. Dragon Gift Hoodie For Women & Girls Vintage Cute

This classic hoodie with a simple dragon logo comes in several colors and is sure to be a hit with any dragon fan.

53. Dragon Types Dragon Lovers 

Dragon nerds alert! If your daughter delights in explaining the difference between each type of dragon (like mine does), she needs this shirt!

54. LUHE Crystal Necklace Dragon and Queen Pendant Necklace

So pretty! This sparkly necklace will delight your dragon-loving friend with its adorable image of a dragon and queen/ princess. Plus, there are matching earrings!

55. Earrings Gifts for Girls Women Sterling Silver Crystal Animal Girl and Dragon

56. Stone Dragon tote

This best thing about this unique dragon tote is how much it looks like a piece of art! A tote like this can be used for shopping or library trips, and will get lots of compliments too.

Stone dragon tote bag from Society6. Dragon gifts for her.

Dragon decor

57. Medieval Fantasy Blue Dragon Goblet 

Such a fun piece to gift to your favorite D&D player, or simply to decorate a bookshelf! There are lots of dragon themed goblets available, so Dungeon masters could get several different ones to use for their game nights.

Dragon gifts for her or him.

58. Design Toscano Castle Dragon Gothic Decorative Bookend Statues

Book lovers need bookends, so why not get some dragons for your books? Design Toscano creates good quality statues and figurines, so these classy bookends will be appreciated by avid readers.

59. Gothic Dragons Organizer Office Desktop Dragon Pen Holder Figurine

Everyone needs a spot to keep pens, pencils and other office supplies handy, so this dragon-themed gift will be perfect for making work a little more fun.

60. Dragon Side Table

This stylish side table will definitely be a conversation piece! The traditional Asian dragon image can add a touch of Feng shui in just the right place. It would be a great gift for someone born in the year of the dragon too.

Dragon side table.

61. DiliComing Solar Dragon Garden Statue – Cute Dragon Baby Holding a Solar Jar

Grab this adorable little guy for your garden and he can be best friends with your garden gnomes!

Dragon books and movies for adults

62. The Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Trade Paperback Boxed Set

I’ve written about this book series in my list of best fiction books as well, and it’s a series I’ve re-read several times. Fans of the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings will enjoy Christopher Paolini’s fantastic world-building and storytelling.

63. A Song of Ice and Fire Series & Nightflyers 7 Books Collection Set By George R.R. Martin

I haven’t read this series myself, but this is where the Game of Thrones series and House of the Dragon series started. I’d definitely only recommend this for older teens and adults.

64. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

My teen girls loved this movie, and were endlessly entertained with the rotund dragon Themberchaud. For fantasy lovers, this would be a fun flick.

Dungeons and Dragons movie screenshot

65. Reign of Fire movie (2002)

An apocalyptic story about what happens when long-dormant dragons return to the earth. I enjoyed this movie, even if the critics panned it. It certainly has a unique storyline.

66. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

Not only is this an epic story about a dragon, Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice talent as Smaug is unmatched for sheer dragon character! All the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring movies are amazing, but for dragon lovers, you can’t beat this one.

Unique dragon items

67. Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Candles

I wouldn’t have thought that a scaly dragon egg would be so interesting, but this was one of my daughter’s top picks. Perhaps it’s just the fun of imagination; after all, an egg is a promise of life to come. In any case, this candle set would be a fun and practical gift for dragon lovers and Game of Thrones fans.

68. Inflatable Halloween Decorations Inflatables Dragon, Lighted Blow Up Flying Dragon with Wings

This is so cool! I mean, I don’t need it, but I totally want a purple flying dragon in my yard at Halloween!

69. Inflatable Halloween Decorations Inflatables Dragon, Two-Headed Blow Up Dragon with Wings for Halloween Yard Decor

The only thing that could be better than an inflatable dragon in your yard is a two-headed dragon inflatable. I’m thinking to do my whole house with dragons this year.

70. Dragon Stapler

Yes, you read that right. You can now staple your papers together by feeding them to a dragon! I kinda want this for myself, maybe then our staplers will stop disappearing…

71. Silver Dragon Guardian of The Celtic High Cross Letter Opener Figurine Sculpture 

For those who want something truly unique, this letter opener guarded by a dragon fits the bill nicely. Eye-catching and a practical way to get fewer paper cuts, plus it looks like a sword/ dagger!

Dragon gifts under $25

If you’re on a limited budget, here are some great dragon gifts at an affordable price.

Dragon trinket box. Dragon gifts for her or for him.

72. Dragon Ceramic Cup (11 Ounce, Black) – Hidden Animal Inside

Super cute ceramic coffee mug which contains a dragon at the bottom that appears as you drink!

73. Sculptural Dragons Refrigerator Magnets

In our house refrigerator magnets always seem to disappear or break. Any dragon fan would love this simple and practical gift.

74. Folding Hand Fan

This is a beautiful fan with a traditional dragon and phoenix! The recipient can use it as a fan, or it would look great displayed on a wall or shelf as well.

Bearded dragon gifts

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking, “What does a pet lizard have anything to do with mythological dragons?” A surprising number of dragon fans love bearded dragons as well — perhaps it’s simply the closest option to owning a living dragon. In any case, here are some fun bearded dragon gifts for those who love this pet.

75. Bearded Dragon Coffee Mug

I love the colors on this bearded dragon mug! If you love this image, you can also buy coasters, prints, travel mugs and other personalized items with the same picture.

76. Bearded Dragon pet lizard Shirt

What a fun shirt! Your favorite pet owner can wear this anywhere and connect with other bearded dragon parents. Again, this graphic is available on home decor items as well.

Got enough dragon gifts for her or for him?

I hope this list of dragon gifts makes your next gift-giving occasion a bit less stressful! I’ll be updating it regularly with my daughter’s help as we get more dragon gifts for her along the way. Please check out our Amazon storefront and our Society6 Collection for even more dragon gift ideas!

© Copyright Jennifer D. Warren 2022. Updated and expanded: October 3, 2023.

Pinnable dragon gifts for her.
Pin this for later.
Pinnable dragon gifts for her.

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