Breweries Salem Oregon: Your 2023 Guide

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Craft beer isn’t hard to find in the beautiful city of Salem, Oregon. In this post I’ll introduce you to the best craft breweries Salem Oregon has to offer, and what to expect when you visit.

Alcohol should be used responsibly. Not all craft breweries are appropriate for families. Exercise discernment when deciding when and how to consume alcohol.

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Oregon Craft Beer

An amber ale stands on a table in front of Rachet Brewery. Rachet is one of many great stops in breweries salem oregon.
Amber Ale at Rachet Brewery in Silverton, Oregon.

Oregon and craft beer go way back. Portland and the Pacific Northwest have long been the epicenter of the craft beer movement in the United States.

Today, local breweries abound across the state, including the Salem region. Many of these breweries are family friendly establishments that make it a priority to host both parents and their children. 

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Gilgamesh Brewing

My daughter stands smiling and holding one of the axe door handles at Gilgamesh Brewery. Gilgamesh is one of many breweries Salem Oregon.
My fellow ancient history geek got a kick out of Gilgamesh Brewery’s themed restaurants.

Our first encounter with a Salem brewery was even more fun than we’d expected. Gilgamesh Brewing had caught our attention, mostly because we’re nerdy.

You’ve got to admire the audacity of a place like this. Dozens of breweries choose to build their brand on the Pacific Northwest, but this place chooses the Ancient Mesopotamian demigod.

Gilgamesh Brewing grew out of a family passion. The Radtke brothers and their father Lee were already avid home brewers when they decided to bring their beers to the public

Mamba Ale

Gilgamesh is best known for its unique Mamba Ale (6.5% ABV / 1 IBU), a light, smooth beer that borders on bizarre. Mamba is a malt ale that has an intriguing tea-like flavor that leaves you wondering what to think. Gilgamesh’s flagship beer took the People’s Choice award at three consecutive Oregon beer festivals

My wife smiles next to a flight of beers at Gilgamesh Brewery. Gilgamesh is one of the largest breweries Salem Oregon.
Jennifer enjoying a beer flight at Gilgamesh Brewing.

Even Better: DJ Jazzy Hef & Terry Porter

We tried the Mamba for ourselves over a beer flight. However, we were most struck by the DJ Jazzy Hefeweizen (5.4% ABV / 9 IBU) and the Terry Porter (5.8% ABV / 24 IBU). Both of these beers were refreshing and enjoyable.

Jennifer also loved their guest tap of TwoTowns Cider, a seasonal offering that’s flavored with currants. I was glad to avoid both the cider and currants!

Food & Fun

A poke bowl dish at Gilgamesh Brewery.

Gilgamesh has three locations. The brewery’s flagship restaurant, The Campus, is next door to the actual brewery in South Salem. The Woods in West Salem, and The River in Independence are themed after settings in the Gilgamesh Epic

We chose to follow Gilgamesh into The Woods. There was a lot to smile about. The fun decor included axe door handles, woodsy chandeliers, and keg urinals. 

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Gilgamesh’s food was fair. Their Stoney Fries were fantastic. The Poke Bowl was okay. 

Jennifer and I found that both her burger and my chicken sandwich had meat that had been overcooked. At the time of publication Google Maps rates The Woods at 4.1 and I agree with that assessment. 


McMenamin's Hotel Oregon stands in downtown McMinnville. McMenamin's   has a key role in breweries Salem Oregon.
Our family enjoyed dining at McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon in McMinnville.

Oregon’s iconic pub empire is a must stop on any tour of Pacific Northwest craft culture. McMenamin’s Inc. are curators of the weird and wonderful, and have built a world of their own one historic building at a time.

We experienced McMenamin’s for ourselves at their Hotel Oregon Pub in McMinnville. The atmosphere was fun and family-friendly, the service was outstanding, and the food was fantastic. 

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Oregon’s capitol holds two McMenamin’s establishments:

Thompson Brewery & Public House

McMenamin’s Thompson Brewery holds the distinction of being Salem’s first post-Prohibition brewery. The 6-barrel brewery is birthplace of several McMenamin’s beers including Old Cthulu, Romulan Imperial Ale, and the licorice-flavored Black Widow Porter. 

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This Brewery and Pub is located within the 1905 home of Franklin Thompson. McMenamin’s Annual Barley Cup Brewfest is held at its South Salem location every June.

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Boon’s Treasury

Boon's Treasury is one of two McMenamin's breweries Salem Oregon.
Boon’s Treasury in Salem’s historic downtown. Image by Public Domain.

You can enjoy a drink in one of Salem’s most historic buildings at Boon’s Treasury in Northeast Salem. The pioneer-era building takes its name from its first owner, John Boon, one of Salem’s founding fathers

The building served most of its years as a general store, and was once the haunt of a child named Herbert Hoover. Today, guests enjoy dining in the building’s brick-and-wood interior or its lovely beer garden. Walk just a few blocks to visit the site where the City of Salem began.

McMenamin's Corvallis Pub stands in Corvallis Oregon.
McMenamin’s in Corvallis.

McMenamin’s has two other mid-valley locations. McMenamin’s Corvallis Pub and McMenamin’s on Monroe can both be found in Corvallis.

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Santiam Brewing

Santiam is one of Salem’s best known local breweries and for good reason. Their industrial park establishment is a 1,200 liter production brewery, cidery, and complete British pub

Santiam’s restaurant not only specializes in British pub fare but also serves classic American pub grub as well. Their restaurant offers a tap selection of over 15 beers and ciders, and a cask bar that serves conditioned ales on tap. Noteworthy brews include their Bloody Hell Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV / 83 IBU) and their Daydream Tropical IPA.

Xicha Brewing

The first Latinx brewery in the Pacific Northwest can be found in West Salem. This family-friendly brewery specializes in house-brewed European ales and lagers. Xicha’s Salem and Eugene locations offer their craft brews and fresh-made, Latin American dishes.

Shades of Brew

Salem’s newest beer center has had a strong start over the last year. Shades of Brew has not only seen a strong opening to their North Salem brewpub, but has also acquired a South Salem location that once housed Bine Valley Brewing.

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Shades of Brew offers a strong selection of food and drink options. Their pub features both their own brews and the beers of fellow Salem breweries. You can find your own version of delicious at any one of the food trucks to be found beside Shades of Brew’s Hayesville location.

B² Taphouse & Brewery

This South Salem microbrewery has earned a reputation for good beer and delicious food. offers a long tap list composed of its own beers and a range of other brews from throughout Oregon.

Salem’s Best Restaurants

My wife enjoys a tall glass of beer at the Noble Fox in Silverton. The Noble Fox is one place where you can enjoy breweries Salem Oregon.
Great food and drinks at The Noble Fox in Silverton, Oregon.

The Salem area has several quality restaurants. Here are eight to consider:

For Tomorrow We Die Brewing

One of Salem’s youngest brewpubs can be found in South Salem’s brewery district. For Tomorrow We Die Brewing Co. is earning a reputation to go with its extra long, biblical name. 

Guests speak highly of FTWD’s food, beer, and atmosphere. Brews include Griffin’s Gold, Golden Ale (ABV 5%, IBU 20) and Gonna Be A Great Day IPA (ABV 7.10%, IBU 75).

Their most intriguing brew may be Love Thy Neighbor, an ancient-style beer made in collaboration with their neighbor, Santiam Brewing. The beer is built from a base that’s half honey and half barley. The end result is a brew that’s 8.4% ABV but only has an IBU of 10.

La Familia Cider Company

Enjoy locally made cider with a Mexican twist. La Familia Cider Company weds craft cider with Mexican aguas frescas to produce incredible combinations including Jamaica Hisbiscus Cider and Guayaba Guava Cider. You can find La Familia on Court Street in downtown Salem.

Breweries Salem Oregon Obituary

Unfortunately, some breweries in Salem Oregon have closed their doors. Here are few that you may be looking for but won’t be able to enjoy:

  • Salem Ale Works
  • Vagabond Brewing
  • Bine Valley Brewing

Midvalley Breweries Salem Oregon

Silver Falls Brewery Ale House is one of several breweries Salem Oregon.
Silver Falls Brewery in Silverton, Oregon.

Nearly every city and town in the Willamette Valley has its own craft brewery, if not craft community! From monks to race cars you can find any number of ways to enjoy a drink in the midvalley region.

Benedictine Brewery, Mt. Angel

For centuries brewing was conducted by monasteries. Experience the brewing excellence of Mt. Angel Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery just east of Salem.

A detail of a monastery bench from Mount Angel Abbey.
Mount Angel Abbey is just east of Salem. Image by Ian Sane.

Rachet Brewing, Silverton (check out their new location in Salem!)

Rachet is one of our favorite breweries and date night spots. We love their Grease Monkey Porter.

An amber ale stands on a table in front of Rachet Brewery.
Rachet Brewery is one of the best breweries Salem Oregon.

Silver Falls Brewery, Silverton

Silver Falls Brewery is another fantastic craft brewery. This is the place to celebrate after an epic day of adventure at Silver Falls State Park.

A tall glass of hazy IPA awaits at Silver Falls Brewery.
Silver Falls Brewery is a fantastic brewpub.

Snow Peak Brewing Co., Stayton

Stayton’s first craft brewery is an open air brewery known for good drinks, live music, and food truck grub. We did not see any families at this brewpub.

Parallel 45 Brewing, Independence

This Independence brewery is beloved for its excellent beer and quality food cart meals. People speak very highly of Parallel 45’s craft beer.

Eat like the Locals:

A deep red glass of Sangria stands at the Cozy Taberna in Salem.
The Cozy Taberna in Salem, Oregon.

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Salt Creek Cider House, Dallas

Here’s a Dallas area cidery has a reputation for great service. This beautiful farmhouse business offers a strong selection of quality ciders.

Calapooia Brewing, Albany

Calapooia Brewing is Albany’s friendly neighborhood Pub. People appreciate this place for it’s great variety of microbrews, good menu, and dog-friendly atrium.

Delux Brewing Company, Albany

Delux is the brewing side of Sinister Distillery. This laid-back, dog-friendly, brewpub has the feel of a classic car garage.

Sky High Brewing, Corvallis

Enjoy a brew with a view on Sky High’s balcony and rooftop dining areas. Sky High is popular so be prepared to wait a bit if you’re going during peak hours.

Upcoming Breweries Salem Oregon

There’s much more to be said about the craft breweries in Salem Oregon. We will be featuring Oregon’s craft beer movement as it continues its rapid growth across the state.

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A flight of beers stand at RAM in Salem.
Image by Amber DeGrace.

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