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Eugene Oregon Breweries: Your 2024 Guide

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Eugene is Oregon’s other craft capitol. In this post I’ll introduce you to the best Eugene Oregon breweries, and what to expect when you visit.

A Blonde Ale sits on a bar at Steelhead Brewery. Steelhead is one of several Eugene Oregon breweries.
A Blonde Ale waits for you at Steelhead Brewery. Image by Visitor7.

Alcohol should be used responsibly. Not all craft breweries are appropriate for families. Exercise discernment when deciding when and how to consume alcohol.

Elk Horn Brewery

My wife enjoys a cup of Elkhorn Brewery's Blood Orange Cider. Elkhorn Brewery is one of several great Eugene Oregon breweries.

We came across Elk Horn Brewery at Detering Orchards, one of the best farm stores in the Willamette Valley. The fun-filled farm features Elk Horn cider taps, so we decided to give their cider a try over lunch.

Jennifer is the cider lover so she tried Cupid’s Crush Blood Orange Cider (6% ABV). She was struck by the drink’s surprising flavor. The cider had a slight hint of orange, almost no sweetness, and was refreshingly crisp.

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I was the driver for the day, but I found another way to get my kicks:

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Elk Horn brewery, pub, and cider house can be found right next to the University of Oregon. The family-owned business offers a strong menu of Southern fare, 24 of their own craft brews, and a whiskey list as well.

Drink menus sit on the top of Detering Orchard's handsome cider bar.
Elk Horn’s cider bar at Detering Orchards.

Ninkasi Brewing Company

A beer flight at Ninkasi brewery. Ninkasi is one of the premier Eugene Oregon breweries.
Image by Amber DeGrace.

Ninkasi is one of Eugene’s best breweries and a vanguard of the craft beer movement. The colorful creative brewery and their pub, The Better Living Room, have become a force both in Eugene and the Pacific Northwest.

It’s hard not to love Ninkasi’s drinks. Each bottle’s colorful, creative branding is a fun reflection of the bold flavors that you’re about to encounter. 

Ninkasi Brewery stands in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood.
Image by Vistor7.

We are most taken by Ninkasi’s Oatis Oatmeal Stout, an incredibly smooth, decadent treat. Sleigh’r is my absolute favorite brown ale. This winter ale has a warm, roasty flavor with a hint of bitterness. 

Jennifer enjoys the Total Domination Northwest IPA, but I can’t manage it! If you like grapefruit than this is the drink for you. This amber-hued beer has a strong tang that’s quite bitter on the tongue. Ninkasi’s Dawn of the Red IPA is a milder IPA that I found easier to appreciate.

A beautiful glass of Sleigh'r ale awaits me on a family chili night. Ninkasi is one of the most excellent of Eugene Oregon breweries.

Experience Ninkasi’s brewing craft at their pub, The Better Living Room, which is located in Eugene’s Whiteakre neighborhood. The Better Living Room offers regular tours, including a tasting room and outdoor seating.

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McMenamins Hotel Oregon in McMinnville, Oregon.
McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon is one of many historic McMenamins locations.

Oregon’s premier brewpub has its own place among Eugene Oregon breweries. McMenamins is a giant of craft culture, serving an incredible array of beverages at its 60+ locations. 

McMenamins seeks to defy the conventional by providing great food and drinks in exceptional locations. Eugene offers three McMenamins venues.

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High Street Brewery & Cafe

You may have trouble spotting Eugene’s first post-prohibition microbrewery. The High Street Brewery produces small batches of wonder in the basement of a historic, renovated house. 

McMenamins’ High Street brewery is known for its limited release brews, such as Grandma Betty’s Quilted IPA. Enjoy a pint inside this early 20th century house, outside by the fire pit, or in the adjoining beer garden.

High Street Brewery is McMenamin's one brewery among Eugene Oregon breweries.
Image by Kingofthedead / Wikimedia.

East 19th Street Cafe

“East 19th” is McMenamins’ university hangout. The funky pub not only offers burgers and beer, but also provides a wide selection of activities. 

Play pool, pinball, darts, and shuffleboard, or strike up a conversation beside the wood stove. The bohemian retreat is only a block away from the University of Oregon campus.

Parks sit in a parking lot beside McMenamins East 19th Cafe.
Image by Chris Phan / Wikimedia Commons.

North Bank

Given McMenamins’ love of historic sites, you might be envisioning a bank-gone-brewpub. Actually, McMenamins North Bank sits on the north side of the Willamette River.

North Bank boasts a river view for every table, both outside and inside of the restaurant. Enjoy riverside dining in a retro-cool 1979 restaurant. 

Be sure to check out the Kapu Hut, a fully decked out tiki bar. This tribute to explorers celebrates Gulliver’s Travels with Brobdingnagian drinks and Lilliputian cocktails.

Brobdingnagian: gigantic

Lilliputian: trivial or very small

Oxford Languages

Falling Sky Brewery

Growlers at Falling Sky say "Let it Pour". Falling Sky Brewing is one of several Eugene Oregon breweries.
Image by Visitor7.

Celebrate “Oregon sunshine” (rain) at Falling Sky Brewing. This low-key brewery provides pub fare, house-brewed beer, and local spirits. Noteworthy beers include Hazy Hawkeye Imperial Hazy IPA (7.5% ABV, 62 IBU), Drenched Earth, a bourbon barrel-aged winter ale (11.3% ABV, 63), and Cheers to the Land, a cascading dark ale with spruce tips (6.2% ABV, 52 IBU). 

Fermentation tanks work away inside Falling Sky brewing.
Image by Visitor7 / Wikimedia Commons.

Alesong Brewing

Barrel-aged beers are the norm at this highly-rated artisan brewery. Alesong produces carefully crafted wild and sour beers using local ingredients. They also produce beers that are barrel-aged in bourbon barrels. 

You can test Alesong’s expertise at their Countryside Brewery in Eugene’s wine country, or in their tasting room in downtown Eugene.

My wife enjoys a craft beer at the Noble Fox in Silverton Oregon.

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Viking Braggot Company

Vikings drink from drinking horns in an ancient sculpture of a viking drinking scene.
Image by Berig / Wikimedia Commons.

Experience an ancient brewing tradition at this highly-rated brewery. The Viking Braggot Company presents itself as the only brewery to offer a complete line of braggots, an ancient Viking beer.

Braggot is made from aspects of beer as well as fermented honey. The Viking Braggot Company has brought braggot into the modern age by using local honey and craft beer ingredients.

Hop Valley Brewing Company

Fermentation tanks stand at Hop Valley Brewing, the most IPA focused of the Eugene Oregon breweries.
Where the magic happens at Hop Valley Brewing. Image by Visitor7.

Enter an IPA wonderland at Hop Valley Brewing Company. Of all the Eugene Oregon breweries, only Hop Valley is so hop-wild. 

Hop Valley produces no less than twelve different IPAs including the Citrus Mistress IPA (6.5% ABV, 80 IBU), Cryo Stash Imperial IPA (8.7% ABV, 40 IBU), and the jaw dropping Alpha Centauri Imperial IPA (9% ABV, 100 IBU). 

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You don’t have to be an IPA fan to enjoy a drink here. Hop Valley also produces their Bandon Dunes Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, 35 IBU), and Red Can Light Lager (4.1% ABV).

Visit Hop Valley Brewing Company at their Eugene brewery or their Springfield area pub. Hop Valley Brewery does not welcome the presence of minors.

Coldfire Brewing Company

A close up picture of malt.
Image by Pierre-alain dorange / Wikimedia Commons.

Europe meets Pacific Northwest at Coldfire Brewing Company. Coldfire is one of the few Eugene Oregon breweries that emphasizes European brewing traditions.

Their beers include the Capulus Robustus Vanilla Coffee Stout (6.7 % ABV), Astral Weeks Belgian Style Dubbel (6.9% ABV), and Munich Dunkel Lager (5.5% ABV).

Coldfire Brewing Company is located in downtown Eugene, near to the historic Ferry Street Bridge.

Steelhead Brewing & McKenzie Brewing Co.

A variety of beers await drinkers at Steelhead Brewing.
Image by Visitor7.

Enjoy one of Eugene’s oldest brewery establishments. Steelhead Brewing offers great brewpub fare and all McKenzie Brewing beers at their E. 5th Ave. & Pearl Street location.

Meals include halibut tacos and their beer-braised Reuben sandwich. Try their Hopasaurus Rex Imperial IPA (9.5% ABV / 100 IBU), Heat Miser (7.8 % ABV / 70 IBU), Northern Lights Blueberry Sour (5.4% ABV /23 IBU), or the Jumon Japanese Lager (4.7% ABV / 16 IBU).

Oakshire Brewing

A glass of dark Oakshire Espresso Stout sits on top of an old fashioned lace tablecloth.
Oakshire’s Espresso Stout (Grandma’s house not included.) Image by Visitor7.

Taste delicious craft beer at one of Oregon’s top craft breweries. Oakshire’s brews include Citrafonix IPA (6.3% ABV, IBU 65), Visit Italia Italian-style Pilsner (5.4% ABV), and the celebrated Overcast Oatmeal Espresso Stout (5.8% ABV, IBU 27). 

Delicious food can also be had at the multiple food carts that frequent their two locations: Oakshire Brewing Public House in Eugene and Oakshire Beer Hall in Portland.

Sunriver Brewing Co. – Oakway Pub

Image shows a dark Ale in the foreground of a picture of the menu at Sunriver Brewing Company.
Image by Eddie Black.

One of the best Eugene breweries isn’t technically brewing in Eugene. Sunriver Brewing hails out of Sunriver, in Central Oregon. 

That said, beer lovers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the brews of this top-notch craft brewery. Sunriver’s Oakway Pub holds the greatest number of tap handles of any of its locations. The Oakway Pub offers several of Sunriver’s limited-release beers and features menu items that only appear at their Eugene location. 

@dinkumtribe Sunriver Brewing Company’s Cocoa Cow is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. The best description I can give that it’s like drinking a chocolate Coke without all the sugar but with all the yummy flavor. @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe @dinkumtribe #CraftBrew #OregonBrewing #OregonBeer #OregonCraftBeer #ChocolateStout #SunriverBrewingCompany #cocoacow #youroregon #thatoregonlife #traveloregon #visitoregon #oregonisawesome #bestoforegon ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

We were first wowed by Sunriver’s Cocoa Cow Chocolate Milk Stout (7% ABV / 28 IBU). Sunriver’s beers also include the Fuzztail Hefeweizen (5% / 20 IBU) and their Vicious Mosquito – West Coast IPA  (7% ABV / 70 IBU).

Eugene Oregon Breweries Obituary:

The black and white photo shows a fermenting tank at Ninkasi brewing.
Image by Visitor7 / Wikimedia Commons.

Not all of Eugene’s breweries are still around. Here are two popular beer venues that you may hear about, but won’t be able to find anymore:

  • Agrarian Ales
  • Rogue Ales Public House, Eugene

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Pinnable image for Eugene Oregon breweries
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Pinnable image for Eugene Oregon breweries
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