Ratchet Brewery, Silverton Oregon (Review)

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NOTE: Ratchet Brewery is in the middle of a relocation. Their Silverton location closed in February 2023, and we look forward to updating this post when they reopen in their new location!

Ratchet Brewery in Silverton, Oregon is one of our favorite places to go on a date. We’ve had lunch and dinner there, and both times came home happy! 

Ratchet Brewery exterior.

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Silverton’s hangout spot

Paint Night flyer. Ratchet Brewery review.

One of the things I first noticed when I looked at Ratchet Brewery’s FB page was how many different kinds of events they’re hosting there. Ratchet Brewery hosts paint nights, trivia nights, game watch parties and lots of other community style events.

As the name suggests, Ratchet Brewery has an auto shop theme that carries over into their brews and the decor. Old gasoline station signs and a classic car parked out front complete the look.

Interior of Ratchet brewery.

The titles of their menu offerings often include auto references as well.

Menu for Ratchet brewery.
Ratchet Brewery appetizers, sandwiches and burger menu.

Family friendly

I was even more impressed when we visited in person and saw that they have a whole room with arcade games, pinball machines, and other activities. We could easily see ourselves having a family meal there, especially as a celebration for our car-loving boy.

Game room. Ratchet Brewery review.

There’s also a beautiful outdoor seating area with a fire pit and fascinating metal sculpture. We enjoyed eating in this outdoor space on our second visit. 

Metal sculpture and fire pit. Ratchet Brewery review.
Ratchet’s metal sculpture and fire pit.

Weekday lunch

We first visited Ratchet brewery for a lunch date. There are menus by the door as you walk in and seating is self serve. The casual atmosphere is matched by the friendly and welcoming staff.  

We placed our order at the counter. After conversing with the server about which brews they recommend, I chose the Grease Monkey Porter. Brian went with an iced tea (as the designated driver). Ratchet Brewery also offers wine and cider.

Ratchet Brewery review. Menu of drinks, desserts and paninis.
Ratchet’s paninis, wraps, drinks and desserts

We ordered our meals and went to go find a seat. There was ample bar seating available, but we chose a table by the window instead. 

Table made from repurposed materials. Ratchet Brewery review.
Repurposed table

Within a short time our drinks arrived, followed by our piping hot food. Steam was still rising off the burger and sandwich!

Ratchet Brewery’s Craft Beers

Four Freedoms Mural in Silverton, Oregon. Ratchet Brewery review.

Ratchet brews their beers on site in a warehouse connected to their brewpub. The warehouse has 5 large murals on the side of the building depicting Norman Rockwell’s historic paintings, “The Four Freedoms.” The murals are part of Silverton’s Art Walk.

Freedom of Speech mural in Silverton, Oregon. Ratchet Brewery review.

Rachet’s brews are known and appreciated throughout Salem and the Midvalley area. We’ve encountered them at Taproot, the Noble Fox, Shades of Brew and other eateries.

I loved the Grease Monkey Porter. It had a great chocolate taste with hint of coffee flavor, and a beautiful foam head. 

Jenn with the Grease Monkey Porter
Jenn with the Grease Monkey Porter

Sandwich and burger

Brian ordered the Smokehouse burger, and it did not disappoint. Every mouthful was packed with flavor, and when I when he offered to let me try a bite, I regretted not having ordered one for myself. 

Man with burger entree in front. Ratchet Brewery review.

“It’s like a burger from heaven!” was my immediate assessment.

That’s not to say that my sandwich wasn’t fantastic. I had ordered the Front End Loader, a Cuban-style pork sandwich. It was a mouthwatering combination of sweet, salty and savory all at once. 

Front end loader sandwich.
Front End Loader sandwich with Onion Rings

Both portions were generous enough to bring some home, especially with the sweet potato fries and onion rings we had ordered as sides.

Dinnertime visit

A few months later, we returned for a dinner date. The weather was so nice, we opted to sit outside by the fire pit.

Amber ale at Ratchet
Amber Ale

Silverton is a quiet community during the week. The outdoor seating area is right off Highway 214, but in spite of being a few feet from the highway, the traffic wasn’t so loud that it disturbed our conversation.

Drinks and Dessert 

Brian decided to risk their amber ale, Get Your Shift Together. He was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. Other ambers had struck him as rather bitter and harsh, but Rachet’s amber was both pleasant and intriguing.

Smokehouse burger with sweet potato fries. Ratchet Brewery Review.
Smokehouse Burger and Sweet Potato fries with non-alcoholic craft beer

We decided to split a Smokehouse burger for dinner, so that we’d have room to try some dessert.

The Mud Pie was calling my name—white and dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough pieces on an Oreo crust…sign me up! 

A huge piece of Mud Pie came out on a plate and we dug in. I was surprised by the strong peanut butter flavor—way more than the description suggested. 

Mud Pie
Mud Pie

Brian is a big peanut butter aficionado, so he happily devoured most of it himself. That was fine by me, since peanut butter isn’t my favorite.

Final thoughts on Ratchet Brewery

I have yet to be disappointed by a meal at Ratchet Brewery. I love the relaxed atmosphere, good brews, and delicious food. We look forward to returning, next time perhaps with our kids.

©️ Copyright Jennifer D. Warren 2023.

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