Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant Review

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So you want to know about Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant. Do you want the short version? Jennifer put it well at the end of our evening: 

“I’ve never had a bad meal in this town.” 

My wife smiles over our meal of a Hawaiian Burger with a side of fries, as well as a plate of Totchos. Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant is one of Silverton's best restaurants.
How many good restaurants can one town have? Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant adds one more to the list.

Silverton seems tailor-made for memorable dinners. The historic town not only has all you could want in adventure and character, but is also packed full of food trucks, coffee shops, and gourmet restaurants. The Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant was no exception.

Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant: Silverton, Oregon

A craftsman style building stands behind a lighted patio area on a dark winter night.
November night life: Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant on a chilly Friday night.

Silver Falls Brewery Ale House is one of the three craft breweries located in Silverton. This small production brewery was founded by Eric Druliner and Andrew Fox in 2015, and offers an impressive spread of unique beers and traditional ales. We were impressed by their quality brews, great food, and excellent service. 

In this post we’ll share our experience at Silver Falls Brewery Ale House as well as three beers that we enjoyed. We’ll also provide you with some tips on how to make the most of a day trip or night out in Silverton.

This is a non-sponsored post. We did not receive any compensation for this review, and as always, our opinions are our own.

A sandwich board sign says "Beer". A large arrow under the word "Beer" points people into the Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant in Silverton, Oregon.

Find a Seat at the Table

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Our Evening at Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant

We arrived at Silver Falls Brewery Ale House around 6:30 on a Fall Friday night. A tastefully lit patio set the tone for a warm, enjoyable dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at what we found inside.

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“Welcome to Your Ale House”

The Ale House was roomier then I’d expected, with walls going right to the roof of the building. We found ourselves both feeling warm and comfortable in spite of the cold, rainy weather outside. The restaurant is charming, with a stylish mix between rustic and trendy. 

This mood was casual and welcoming. We’d chosen to take a date tonight so our kids were back at home. But another family was happily dining only a few feet from us. The friendly staff, high chairs, and bathroom changing table all made it clear that this was a place where families are valued.

A glimpse of a view from our table. Note the high-chairs standing across the room.

That said, we found that we had enough space to enjoy a kid-free meal. 🙂 And we found more than enough to interest us on the menu.

Getting Started

Our dinner came with an unexpected tutorial. Two signs welcomed us to the brewery and directed us to choose a table and order via smartphone. 

The ale house uses a QR program known as Toast Order & Pay to manage the menu and billing process. This was a little unnerving at first, but I couldn’t help but notice the positive impact that it had on our overall experience.

A chalkboard sign welcomes you to the ale house and gives directions on how to get settled in and started on the ordering process.

We placed two different orders over the course of our date and on both occasions our orders arrived with surprising speed. One drink arrived almost immediately after I had paid for it, even though we were seated across the room from the bar. Ordering on the device allows the staff to start the preparation process with greater speed and efficiency. 

Planning a Night Out?

The Willamette Valley is packed with quality restaurants including . . .

Great Food at Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant

We were floored by the great food at Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant. Each of the items we ordered were fresh-made and delicious. Here were our favorites:


A plate of Totchos shows a base of tatter tots covered with pulled pork, jalepenos, and a variety of sauces and spices.

My wife again pegged the word for moment: craveable.

Tater tots covered with mojo pulled pork, jalapeños, cilantro, onions, jalapeño crema, cajun seasoning, and the brewery’s 1933 Beer Cheese make for an unstoppable combination. This appetizer was incredibly flavorful and more than enough food for Jennifer and I. 

I have to confess that I felt a bit strange about Totchos at first. But, I quickly came to realize why it all felt surreal: these were the first (and probably only) fresh tater tots I had ever encountered!

We found Totchos to be delicious even as leftovers; get them if you can. 

Hawaiian Burger

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Silver Falls Brewery serves a fantastic Hawaiian Burger. A hand-pressed patty made of locally sourced beef is topped with pepper jack cheese, ham, grilled pineapple, and their house-made teriyaki slaw. The sandwich is held together by a fresh, soft pub bun. 

In other words, it’s a hot stack of savory, tangy yumminess. We planned on sharing an entree and that turned out to be our best option. But this flavorful burger did make me think twice.

A glass that says "Oregon Sunshine" holds House Made Berry Lemonade.
House Made Berry Lemonade

House Made Berry Lemonade

Jennifer wore the driver’s cap tonight, so she could only have a small taste of the beers. However, she did enjoy a knockout lemonade. This lemonade was obviously fresh, featuring actual berry puree at the bottom.

We also appreciated the metal straw that accompanied the drink: a reusable straw that was actually usable!

Excellent Service

We had an amazing time at Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant and the pleasant waitstaff had a lot to do with our experience. Not only was our food fresh and hot, but we even found that our additional appetizer plates had been warmed as well.

Three Craft Beers at Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant

Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant offers a selection of craft beers, including seasonal and guest beers. Here are three brews that we appreciated:

A soft tan head of foam tops a tall, dark glass of Top Knot Irish Stout.
Top Knot Irish Stout

Top Knot Irish Stout

IBV: 40, ABV: 4.3

This was our favorite brew hands-down. If you could drink a good night’s sleep it would taste like this smooth, delicious ale. 

This liquid silk has an alluringly subtle flavor. In Jennifer’s words it “almost doesn’t feel like beer”, which isn’t a bad description when you think of it. American beers are simply hop-crazy. 

A traditional Irish Stout is a welcome change from the deluge of IPAs that swamp the craft beer movement. But before you get the impression that I’m anti-IPA let me tell you about a good one!

A tall glass of The Standing Hazy IPA stands on a table. The glass bears the logo of Silver Falls Brewery.
The Standing Hazy IPA

The Standing Hazy IPA

IBV: 48, ABV: 6.4

I enjoyed this brew. The Standing Hazy IPA is the stronger of the two Hazy IPAs served at Silver Falls Brewery. This ale has a great citrus nose, but no citrus flavor. Instead a zesty hoppiness yields a refreshing, fun experience for the drinker. The hops are definitely there, but its not overpowering and that’s an IPA I can toast to.

Starry Night Stout

IBV: 33, ABV: 5.5

The Starry Night Stout is a maltier stout with a lighter body. This brew has a roasted, subtle sweetness that’s hard to resist.

I will say that the name is puzzling. I can’t see myself following the label’s suggestion to enjoy a “Starry Night Stout while star-gazing” in the chilly “meadows of Silver Falls State Park” unless of course it was an unseasonably warm summer evening. But I’d happily enjoy one of these beside a warm campfire!

A four pack of Starry Night Stout sits quietly on the table as we prepare to depart from Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant.
You can buy a four pack of pints to go from Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant. We took home Starry Night Stout.

Oregon Knows Food

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Attractions Near Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant

Light bursts over the forested escarpment of South Falls at Silver Falls State Park.
Magnificent Silver Falls State Park is only 20 minutes away from Silverton. Sunburst at Silver Falls by Bo Camero / ODOT.

Silver Falls Brewery Restaurant has an ideal location in the beautiful town of Silverton. The Ale House’s current location in downtown Silverton places it right next to the town’s lively fair center, colorful murals, and delightful shops. 

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Silverton may be the best place to experience Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Silverton is the place to see:

That’s all for now. Happy traveling & bon appetit!

© Copyright Brian A. Warren 2022.

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  1. I’m sure I’d find ordering from my phone in the restaurant a bit unnerving at first, too! Interesting to hear about your experience with it. I hope to get to the West Coast someday and try out some of the cool places you review.

    1. Yes it was new for us, and took a few minutes longer than we expected to figure it out, but then it was so worthwhile to be able to order faster without waiting for the server to come check on us.

  2. I love visiting breweries when I am on vacation – especially ones that have great food, too! I’d love to check out this spot. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Looks like a great place in Oregon for drinks and dinner. Totchos looks well presented and totally yummy! It was good to hear that ordering using phones and QR code menus was a quick and great experience. Must check out this place when I am next in Oregon. 🙂

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