7 Best Breweries in Roseburg Oregon

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Oregon is the United States’ craft beer capitol. So it’s no surprise that you can find great beer and breweries in Roseburg Oregon.

Sunlight pours through the trees and a logging road near Roseburg Oregon.
Image by Jeremy Bochart, BLM.

In this post I’ll walk you through the best breweries in Roseburg Oregon and Douglas County. I’ll also point you to more places in Southern Oregon where you can enjoy great craft beer.

Alcohol should be used responsibly. Not all craft breweries are appropriate for families. Exercise discernment when deciding when and how to consume alcohol.

Two-Shy Brewing Crafts

A glass of Mt. Bailey Porter sits at our dining table at Wolf Creek Inn. Mt. Bailey Porter is produced by Two Shy Brewing, one of several breweries in Roseburg Oregon.

We came across Two Shy Brewing while visiting Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site. We ordered a Mt. Bailey Cream Porter from the historic Inn’s menu.

The Mt. Bailey Cream Porter (6% ABV, 30 IBU) was delightfully different. It had a taste that was quite unique for a porter—I’ll let the movie explain.

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Two Shy Brewing produces almost twenty different beers including the Ignition Double IPA (8% ABV, 105 IBU), Reformation Irish Red Ale (6% ABV, 48 IBU), and Dead-on Amber Ale (5.8% ABV, 40 IBU).

The Deja Vu Lager is one of Two Shy’s most interesting brews. This Western-style lager is a throwback to the Roseburger export beer produced in the 1890s.

Enjoy Two Shy Brewing crafts at their Roseburg and Reedsport locations. Their brewpubs are family friendly and pet friendly establishments.

My wife and youngest son walk toward the door of Wolf Creek Inn. Wolf Creek Inn serves beer from breweries in Roseburg Oregon.
We enjoyed Two Shy’s craft beer on our holiday national park roadtrip.

Backside Brewing Co.

Backside Brewing Company has its own line of craft creations including peanut butter porter, S’Wheat Dreams Wheat Ale, Bitter Truth Imperial IPA, and Union Lite Lager. This brewpub also serves handcrafted cocktails such as their espresso martini.

McMenamins Roseburg Station

Image show McMenamins Roseburg Station. McMenamins is one of many breweries in Roseburg Oregon.
Image by Ian Poellet.

Roseburg holds the distinction of being the only city in Southern Oregon to have a McMenamin’s Brewery. McMenamin’s Roseburg Station invites you to drink and dine in a historic Southern Pacific Train depot.

Roseburg Station Brewpub & Brewery is the source of a number of McMenamin’s creations including Diamond IPA (6.7% ABV 51 IBU), and Spearhead Molly American Brown Ale. The brewery also produces fresh hop ales made from locally harvested hops.

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Roseburg’s depot is one of McMenamin’s most dynamic locations. The railway stop was built in 1912 and still retains much its original decor including its 16-foot-high vaulted ceiling and tongue-and-groove wainscoting. 

But the best feature may be the chance to see an actual train. McMenamin’s alerts patrons who enjoy their patio seating: “When a train passes by — hold on to your beer!”

A railroad trestle crosses into misty, forested hills.
Southern Oregon is rich in railroad history. Image by Eli Duke.

North Forty Beer Company

The North Forty Beer Company is a brewery in Roseburg Oregon that’s known for its events and live music. Their brews include the Big Iron Imperial IPA (8.2%, 92 IBU), Black Forest Stout (7.4% ABV, 55 IBU), and Stargazer CDA (6.5% ABV, 73 IBU). 

Draper Brewing

Image shows a historic sign that's shaped like a Liberty Quarter, a historic feature of Roseburg Oregon. You can enjoy craft beer at the many breweries in Roseburg Oregon.
Image by brewbooks.

Of all the breweries in Roseburg Oregon, Draper is the one known for its fine ales. This small craft brewery produces unique and remarkable beers as well as specialty cocktails

Draper Drafts include Imperial Caribbean Stout which is brewed with molasses before being stored in wine barrels. Draper also produces a Coffee Chocolate Porter using cocoa nibs and Columbia coffee beans. Be sure to try their wild ale known as Melrose Kriek.

Old 99 Brewing Co.

A historic, black and white photo shows a US 99 Highway sign from Grants Pass Oregon.

Pizza and beer go together, and that’s the story behind Old 99 Brewing Co. The business began as Loggers Pizza and quickly blossomed into a full fledged craft brewery.

Old 99’s beers include the Pusher Imperial Stout (11% ABV, 60 IBU), Billy Bad Ass Imperial IPA (8.5%, 99 IBU), and their Coast Bound Cream Ale (5.6%, 14 IBU) Loggers Pizza has consistently been honored as the best pizza in Douglas County. 

Old 99 Brewing Company can be found at their two locations in Roseburg and Winston. However, they are quickly expanding to new locations, beginning with Eugene.

Salud Brewery

Enjoy craft beer with a unique Latin twist. Salud Brewery bar and food truck is a small batch brewery that serves fresh made Latin cuisine.

Southern Oregon Breweries

I sit smiling at Chetco Brewing. I'm hold a growler full of craft beer from this great brewery.

Expand your journey beyond the breweries in Roseburg Oregon. Southern Oregon is rich in craft culture:

  • Wild River Brewery: This family friendly brewpub has earned a reputation for good pizza, great brews, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Wild River got started in Grants Pass, but can be found throughout Southern Oregon.

More Breweries in Roseburg Oregon

A Mt. Bailey Cream Porter sits beside some fires at Wolf Creek Inn. Mt. Bailey Cream Porter is made by Two Shy Brewery, one of many breweries in Roseburg Oregon.

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