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Best Breweries Oregon Coast: Your 2024 Guide

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Beach and beer belong together. Thankfully, there is a vibrant community of breweries on the Oregon Coast. In this post I’ll guide you through each of the craft breweries of the Oregon Coast, starting from the Redwoods and driving north to the Columbia.

My wife and six children smile while seated on or around a couch at Chetco Brewing Company. Chetco is one of several craft breweries Oregon Coast.
Our family enjoyed Chetco Brewing.

Alcohol should be used responsibly. Not all craft breweries are appropriate for families. Exercise discernment when deciding when and how to consume alcohol.

Southern Oregon Coast

Chetco Brewing, Brookings

A glass of Block & Tackle Imperial Stout at Chetco Brewing Company.
Block & Tackle Imperial Porter

Chetco Brewing was a bright spot on our holiday national parks road trip. I’d been eyeing this brewery for weeks but I wasn’t quite sure what we’d find. 

Chetco turned out to be a great way to close a wonderful day of adventure. The staff was welcoming, the food was great, and the beer was worthwhile.

My wife and two of my boys dine at a table at Chetco Brewing Company. Chetco is one of many great craft breweries Oregon Coast.

We were a bit turned around when we first arrived. We came in through the back entrance and settled down in a comfortable nook located between the bar and food trucks. 

Chetco presents its beverages as vegan beers that are crafted without the use of “additives, extracts, or artificial anythings.” This terminology is a little confusing because their establishment doesn’t seem to have a vegan persuasion (example: Taproot, Salem). “Vegan” seems to be their way of emphasizing that their beers are crafted with organic ingredients.

My son enjoys a tall glass of root beer at Chetco Brewing Company in Brookings Oregon.

The brewery hosts a variety of rotating food trucks. CaliQ’s BBQ provided great Southern fare. A vegan food truck had its own indoor seating.

Dark beers seemed fitting for a cold, wet December night. Jennifer loved her Block & Tackle Imperial Stout (8.4% ABV / 15 IBU). I bought a growler of Imperial Coconut Porter for us to enjoy later. 

My children enjoy dinner in Chetco Brewing's common, hang-out area.

The Imperial Coconut Porter (7.9% ABV / 15 IBU) is brewed with 60 pounds of organic coconut. I found this beer to be toasty, softly sweet and enjoyable.

Chetco has a thing for Imperials. Raymond’s Red Imperial (8.8% ABV / 88 IBU), Thunder Rock Imperial IPA (8.2% ABV / 96 IBU), and Just a Short One Imperial IPA (8.0% ABV / 92 IBU) are three more imperial brews that are found among its offerings.

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Wild River Brewing Company, Brookings

Photo shows a delicious flight of beer samples from Wild River Brewing.
Image by Amber DeGrace.

Wild River Brewing started in Grants Pass and has spread throughout Southern Oregon. This popular brewpub is known for its microbrews and a robust pizza menu.

Wild River’s microbrews include their Extra Special Bitter (5.7% ABV / 56 IBU), Double Eagle Imperial Stout (8.4% ABV / 48 IBU), and a Blacks Hops IPA (7.9% ABV / 80 IBU).

Arch Rock Brewing Company, Gold Beach

The rising sun gilds the Rogue River as it enters the Pacific Ocean.
Gold Beach, where the Rogue river meets the Ocean. Image by ODOT.

Gold Beach’s small-town brewery offers a number of locally crafted beers.

Consider the Gold Beach Lager (5% ABV), a zwickelbier that is brewed solely from German ingredients. Beers also include the Arch Rock Brown Porter (5.8% ABV) and Adipose Northwest Style IPA (6.8% ABV). 

Central Oregon Coast

Rogue Ales & Spirit, Newport

A tall glass of beer stands on a bartop at Rogue taphouse. Rogue is the best known of the breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Visitor7.

Of all the breweries of the Oregon Coast, none is quite like Rogue. This loud, bold brewery produces hoppy ales that are appreciated throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Rogue brewers produce well-loved beers including Batsquatch Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV / 54 IBU), Colossal Claude Imperial IPA (8.2% ABV / 75 IBU), and the Chocolate Stout Nitro (5.8% ABV / 69 IBU).

I tall glass of Dead Guy Ale stands next to an opened bottle.
Image by Edwin.

But none of these are as popular as the Dead Guy. Rogue’s best known beverage is a Maibock-style Ale that’s now inspired its own West Coast IPA: Dead Guy IPA (7% ABV / 69 IBU)

If you’re not much for dead stuff consider Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar. Jennifer and I love this nutty, delicious beer. 

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Rogue Ales operates several locations throughout Oregon. The Rogue breweries on the Oregon Coast include their Bayfront Public House in Newport, and their Pier 39 Public House in Astoria. 

Newport Brewing Company, Newport

A glass sphere flips the image of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport.
Image by Stacy Madsen, ODOT.

Newport Brewing Co. is one the funnest brewpubs on the Oregon Coast. Their restaurant, the Anchor, is beautifully decorated with colorful murals and its own full-size rusty anchor.

Newport Brewing’s beers includes Hazy Crazy Hazy Double IPA (8.2% ABV / 15 IBU), Rock Fish English Oatmeal Stout (6.6% ABV / 13 IBU), and their Tangerine Crush Coastal Wheat Ale. 

Be sure to try out their Salty Bay Gose (4.8% ABV / 6 IBU). They kettle sour this beer and brew it with hibiscus, raspberries, boysenberries, and milk sugar.

Wolf Tree Brewery, Newport

Sitka Spruce trees frame a view of sea stacks on the Oregon Coast. Wolf Tree Brewery uses fresh spruce tips to flavor their beers.

Wolf Tree makes natural, spruce-flavored beers. Their brewing process includes spring water and locally harvested ingredients, especially spruce tips. Fresh spruce tips are harvested from Sitka spruce trees throughout their ranch and used to flavor their beers.

Brews include Spruce Tip Saison (6.5% ABV / IBU 30) and Rake the Forest (ABV 6.5% IBU 0), a sour beer that goes well with surf-and-turf dishes. I’d like to try their King of the Forest (6.5% ABV / IBU 0). This spruce tip ale is produced by blending it with a batch that was aged in pinot barrels.

The Horn Public House & Depoe Bay Brewing Co., Depoe Bay

A powerful spout of ocean water shoots up at the Spouting Horn, a rock formation at Depoe Bay.
Spouting Horn Public House takes its name from Depoe Bay’s Spouting Horn. Image by H Dragon.

Depoe Bay’s one and only brewery boasts the most handsome pub on the Oregon Coast. The Horn Public House sits on a bluff overlooking the world’s smallest harbor and the historic Depoe Bay Bridge.

Depoe Bay Brewing produces a number of beverages including Sea Witch Icelandic Porter (6.87% ABV / IBU 35), Harry Allen’s Irish Stout (ABV 5.6% / IBU 25), and their Tropical Ghost Pale Ale (6.47% ABV / IBU 20). They also offer house-made ginger beer!

The Horn Public House sits on a headland overlooking Depoe Bay. Depoe Bay Brewery is one of the many great breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by OCVA.

The Horn is known for their clam chowder. They also serve fresh seafood and artisan pizzas. 

Beachcrest Brewing Company, Gleneden Beach

Enjoy local beer in quiet Gleneden Beach, just south of Lincoln City. Beachcrest Brewing has a family friendly taproom and beer garden. Their beers include (Rum & Oak Sea Storm Stout 8.5% ABV / 54 IBU), Kraken Good Black DIPA (8% ABV / 80 IBU), and High! Imperial Apple Cider (8% ABV).

McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub, Lincoln City

The image show McMenamins Lighthouse Pub. McMenamins is one of the best breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Bjorn.

No survey of Oregon craft beer would be complete without McMenamin’s. Oregon’s bizarre brewpub empire was the first to open a brewpub on the Oregon Coast.

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McMenamin’s Lighthouse brewery was established in 1986 not far from Cascade Head. This 6-barrel brewhouse is where Jack Harris’ Captain Redbeard was first brewed. It’s also the birthplace of Chewbacca’s Stout.

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This family-friendly brewpub offers classic pub fare and the opportunity to watch the brewing process while you dine. 

Rusty Truck Brewing Company, Lincoln City

Sip craft beer made from local ingredients at Rusty Truck Brewing in Lincoln City. Rusty Truck makes a Cherry Chocoholic Baltic Porter (7.2% ABV / 19 IBU), a Rust Bucket Baltic Brown Ale (6.75% ABV / 30 IBU), Moonlight Ride Blackberry Ale (5.5% ABV / 15 IBU), and several other brews.

Northern Oregon Coast

Pelican Brewing Company, Pacific City

A decorative pelican tops a flight tray from Pelican brewery. Pelican brewing is one of the best breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Foodista.

Pacific City is home to one of Oregon’s best craft breweries. Pelican Brewing Company produces some of the finest craft beers in the Pacific Northwest.

We are most partial to Pelican’s Kiwanda (5.4% ABV / 25 IBU), which is named after beautiful Cape Kiwanda. The Kiwanda pre-prohibition cream ale is incredibly drinkable and has long been our drink of choice for a summer day.

Two bottles of Kiwanda Cream Ale sit on a garden table. Pelican Brewing is one of the top breweries Oregon Coast.

I also enjoy Pelican’s Paddleback Oceanic Pale Ale (5.7% ABV / 40 IBU). A strong dose of New Zealand hops gives this ale some real zip. If hops are your thing, then I dare you to try their Beak Breaker, an intense Double IPA (9% ABV / 90 IBU).

Pelican has a whole line of interesting beers to try including their Superswell Double Pilsner (7.4% ABV / 60 IBU), Bronze God Marien-Style Lager (5.7% ABV / 25 IBU), and their Brewed Abides White Russian Inspired Milk Stout (7% ABV / 25 IBU).  

Haystack Rock stands just off the coast behind Pelican Brewing's flagship restaurant in Pacific City. Pelican Brewing is one of the great breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Bjorn.

You can dine and drink at Pelican’s four brewpubs in Pacific City, Cannon Beach, Tillamook, and Siletz Bay.

De Garde Brewing, Tillamook

Enormous barrels sit and stand at De Garde Brewing in Tillamook Oregon. De Garde is one of several breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Liannadavis / Wikimedia Commons.

Fine cheese and ice cream aren’t the only things that’s made in Tillamook. De Garde Brewing specializes in artfully crafted, natural beers and wines.

De Garde Brewing crafts beer in a remarkable way. They leave laboratory cultured yeast out of the brewing process. Native microflora ferment every batch of beer.

Brewers age the ale in oak barrels of varying sizes and according to natural timelines. The result is a variety of interesting and one-of-a-kind brews.

People fish from a small boat on a misty morning near Tillamook Oregon.
Fishing near Tillamook. Image by ODOT.

The Framboise is one example. This wild ale is brewed with raspberries and aged for two years in oak barrels (6.3% ABV). I’m most interested in their Minuit, Triple Barrel Cuvee (13.9% ABV). This dark ale ages for two years in oak, bourbon, and rye barrels. 

Minors are only permitted on De Garde’s patio. You can purchase bottles to go if you schedule an appoint on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Public Coast Brewing Company, Cannon Beach

A glass of beer stands next to fresh made fish tacos at Public Coast brewing. Public Coast brewing is one of best breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by Foodista.

Cannon Beach’s award winning brewery has earned a reputation for great beer and fantastic fish & chips. Visitors rave about the many delicious gluten-free meals that are included in their menu.

Try Public Coast’s ’67 Blonde Ale (5.0% ABV / 19.1 IBU). This beer took gold at the 2018 World Beer Cup. The Coconut Brown Ale (5.5% ABV / 27.6 IBU) was awarded gold at the Oregon Beer Awards 2022. 

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I’m most interested in their Salted Caramel Milk Stout (5.7% ABV). Public Coast also produces award winning seltzers and house made root beer.

Seaside Brewing Company, Seaside

Ocean front homes stand in Gearhart Oregon.
Gearhart Ocean Front Home by Charles Hooper.

Enjoy a pint in Seaside’s historic jail before strolling back to your hotel room for the night. Seaside Brewing is a family-friendly brewpub that serves an intriguing selection of craft beer.

Seaside Brewing’s beers include their Morskaya Russian Imperial Stout (ABV 9.5% / 65 IBU), Tenacious Seas Vanilla Cream Ale (ABV 5.5% / 15 IBU), and the Shoga Ace Ginger Blonde (ABV 4.5 % / 50 IBU).

Fort George Brewery, Astoria

The handsome front of Fort George Brewery. Fort George Brewery is one of the best breweries Oregon Coast.
Image by jamieca.

Visit Old Oregon at Fort George Brewery. This beloved brewery sits on the original location of the Astoria settlement and occupies a 1920’s automotive service station.

@dinkumtribe Fort George Brewery is a craft brewery located in Astoria, Oregon. The brewery is named after Fort George, a fur trading post and military fort that was established in Astoria in 1811. Fort George Brewery has grown from a single brewpub to a city block filled with restaurants, tasting rooms, breweries, community spaces, and music venues. The brewery currently has three locations in Astoria: -The Downstairs Pub, which is the original brewpub -The Upstairs Pizza, which serves wood-fired pizza and pub fare -The Lovell Taproom, which is a smaller taproom with a focus on experimental beers. @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel @DinkumTribe ADHD family travel #thingstodoinoregon #astoriaor #astoriaoregon #travelwithkids #adhdfamilytravel #oregoncraftbeer #oregonbrewery #oregonbreweries ♬ Best Time – Infraction Music

This brewpub has blossomed into one of Astoria’s largest social venues. Fort George’s breweries, tasting rooms, restaurants, and community spaces occupy a city block. You can dine on pizza upstairs, relax in the pub downstairs, visit the taproom, or enjoy a quiet moment in their beautiful garden.

Image shows Astoria as it looked in 1813.

Their beers include the Vortex IPA (7.2% ABV), and their American Double Stout, Cavatica (8.8% ABV). They also offer a dizzying number of occasional brews and specialty beers. 

I love Fort George’s Power Cycle Pale Ale (5% ABV). This beer is light, crisp, and memorable. Nelson hops give it a juiciness that distinguishes this drink from other pale ales.

Buoy Brewing Company, Astoria

A can of Buoy NW Red Ale stands beside a frosy glass of beer.

Buoy is another beloved Astoria brewery. I appreciate their Czech Pilsner and their sharp NW Red Ale.

Buoy’s Vienna Lager, Italian Pilsner, and Czech Dark Lager are only a few of the many beers produced by Buoy. Enjoy an Astoria-style pub crawl by taking the trolley to Buoy’s pier front location on Marine Drive.

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Astoria Brewing Company, Astoria

The Astoria trolley runs along the pier side railway. Astoria
Image by Steve Morgan / Wikimedia.

Astoria Brewing sits beside Buoy Beer tap house, along Astoria’s historic waterfront. Try their Strawberry Blonde (5.4% ABV) which is brewed with fresh Oregon strawberries, or sip their bestselling Astoria Unfiltered Pilsner (4.9% ABV).

Reach Break Brewing, Astoria

Pair your beer with delicious food cart grub in Astoria’s handsome downtown. Their Evolution IPA is a made with no less than four hop varieties (8.2% ABV). 

I’m most interested in their Pino Veraison (7.1%), a wild ale that undergoes a secondary fermentation with wine grapes. Reach Break also produces two varieties of hard seltzer.

Breweries Oregon Coast Obituaries

Some breweries on the Oregon Coast have shut their doors:

  • Gold Beach Brewing Company, Gold Beach

Up & Coming Breweries Oregon Coast

I smile with a growler of beer at Chetco Brewing.

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