Smith Creek Village: Hotel Review

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What could add to the wonder of Oregon’s beloved Silver Falls State Park? How about staying in Oregon’s best state park in comfort and style?

Children play frisbee on the central field at Smith Creek Village.

Much like Silver Falls, Smith Creek Village is a well-kept secret. However, it may not stay that way for long. Our family enjoyed a two-night stay at Smith Creek Village and can confidently recommend Smith Creek Village to families.

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Pacific Northwest Paradise

Smith Creek Village is the premier lodging choice of Silver Falls State Park. Heated cabins, cottages, and lodges offer the comforts of home amid the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

This remarkable venue is only minutes away from the famous Trail of Ten Falls. The Village is situated in the central area of Silver Falls State Park, and intersects with several park trails. 

Our family enjoys the beauty of North Falls at Silver Falls State Park.

The lovely hotel is located on Highway 214 (Silver Falls Hwy), putting Silverton and Salem’s downtown areas minutes away from this rustic retreat.

Beautiful Grounds & Excellent Accommodations

A picture of beautiful Blueberry Lodge at Smith Creek Village.

Smith Creek Village offers a variety of lodging ranging from tiny cabins to roomy group lodges. The lodges border a beautiful central field, opposite The Big Leaf Coffeehouse and Grill. Clusters of cabins occupy wooded areas on either side of this common area.

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The Village’s rustic accommodations and natural setting showcase the harmony and attraction of the natural world. Wood shingling on the exterior walls and lantern sconces gives Smith Creek Village an authentic national parks vibe.

They’ve captured the best aspects of parkitecture: the buildings exude the very nature of the wilderness while also offering all the modern amenities that a family would desire on vacation.

Our Lodge at Smith Creek Village

Our daughter stands in on of the comfortable bedrooms that we enjoyed at Smith Creek Village.

We stayed in the Blueberry Lodge, one of the four group lodges located at the hotel. The Blueberry Lodge consists of six rooms arranged around a living area. 

The living area and two bedrooms make up the first floor. The second floor features two wings joined by an upper hallway. Each wing consists of two bedrooms and a full bathroom. Each bedroom had locking doors and individual keys.

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The common area was practically furnished and well stocked for a comfortable family stay. Berber carpeted couches meant that we could relax without fussing about every potential spill or stain.

Hardwood and vinyl floors also kept things clean and easy. An octagonal table stood nearby a cozy wood stove. We found the lodge to be ideal for our 8-person family and Labrador retriever. 

Comforts & Amenities

The wood stove had a large pile of firewood and kindling sitting next to it, ready for use. The nearby kitchenette held a microwave, mini fridge, coffeemaker, and locally made Silver Falls Coffee.

We found the bedrooms tastefully decorated and all of them featured comfortable beds. We were wowed by the luxurious body wash and shampoo bars, as well as the spacious, remodeled showers.

The Grounds at Smith Creek Village

Tall old growth trees tower above Smith Creek Village.

Outdoor spaces abound at Smith Creek Village. Paved walkways meander through forested groves and spacious meadows, providing quick access to various parts of the Village.

We took a drizzly afternoon stroll to explore the grounds and surrounding area. A creek and forested area encloses a natural setting for a wedding day

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A more intimate venue sits amid dense greenery. The small forested spot is surrounded by giant trees and flourishing life, and serves as an ideal location for yoga or quiet reflection.

The hotel’s grounds provide easy access to miles of trails. A 2-mile hike leads to the Trail of Ten Falls and other trails lead into the park’s backcountry region. 

Great Service

A warm fire and comfortable seats welcome guests to The Big Leaf Coffeehouse and Grill at Smith Creek Village.

We were impressed by the service provided to us during our stay. The staff was friendly, attentive, and dependable.

The Big Leaf Coffeehouse and Grill is a well-rated restaurant that serves brews from one of our favorite craft breweries. Enjoy a pint of Silver Falls Craft Beer from Big Leaf’s counter bar.

Know Before You Go

The moon hides amid the tree tops as evening comes to Smith Creek Village.

We didn’t rely entirely on the kitchenette and wood stove for our meal needs. Our family brought a cooler and prepared easy meals with the microwave and a few kitchen items. Guests are permitted to operate their own petroleum grill on the outside porch. 

Only a portion of the lodgings at Smith Creek allow pets. Check website for details.

Smith Creek Village was formerly known as Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center, and is run by Silver Falls Hospitality. Smith Creek requires a two-night minimum stay for all overnight guests.

Relax and Rejuvenate at Smith Creek Village

Our stay at Smith Creek Village was a restorative breath of fresh air for our family. We are happy to recommend them to any family that plans on visiting Silver Falls State Park and the Pacific Northwest.

We’d like to thank Silver Falls Hospitality for generously providing our two night stay at Smith Creek Village.

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Pinnable image Smith Creek Village.
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Pinnable image Smith Creek Village.
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