Akatsuki Sushi Bar in Silverton, OR (Review)

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Sushi is one of those foods that people either love or hate. I love sushi and would gladly eat it several times a week, even if it’s just from the grocery store. So I was delighted to see the Akatsuki Sushi Bar open up in downtown Silverton a few months back, and even happier when we finally got the chance to visit and try it out!

Caterpillar and sweetheart sushi rolls at Akatsuki Sushi Bar
Caterpillar and sweetheart rolls

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Great location

Akatsuki Sushi Bar

Akatsuki Sushi Bar has a central location in Silverton, right off Water Street and next to the police station. The main entrance is down some stairs and off the main sidewalk, so it’s easy to miss if you are driving by. 

We visited on a Sunday night in October for our weekly date night. We had no trouble finding parking right across the street. Note: Silverton’s parking meters are free on weekends and after 5 pm weekdays.

Akatsuki Sushi Bar entrance

Waterfront dining

As we stepped inside, I could see Silver Creek through the windows on the opposite wall. One of the reasons I love dining in Silverton is the opportunity for waterfront dining, so I requested a table by the windows. 

Akatsuki Sushi Bar
Happy because we’re having sushi over the creek!

I saw tables and chairs on an outside balcony too, though it was too cold for eating outside on the night we visited. The balcony has a great view of Silverton’s beautiful covered pedestrian bridge over Silver Creek.

Pedestrian bridge in Silverton, Oregon.
The pedestrian bridge in Silverton

Service, Menu, and Drink

The dining area wasn’t crowded, and the server got us set up quickly by the window. There were at least two other parties already there, and we only saw one server, but he was efficient and prompt. 

Akatsuki Sushi Bar Drink Menu
Drink menu

We started to look through our menus and realized it was going to take some time to decide what we wanted. Several pages of entrees, sides, specialty rolls and bento options gave us plenty to choose from.

I ordered a marionberry lemon drop, which arrived shortly. It was excellent: perfectly sweet and tart as expected. The cute glass was a plus too.

Hand holding glass with marionberry lemon drop drink
Marionberry lemon drop


While deciding on our food, I took a little time to observe the decor. I loved the metal bird sculpture hanging from the ceiling, and the large mirrors along one wall helped open up the space. That was a smart choice, because this historic building has an unusual layout, so it could easily feel cramped.

Lunch and appetizer menu at Akatsuki Sushi
Next time we’ll try the Lunch menu

I noticed that there was a family with two young children having dinner (a toddler and a preschooler). The server made a point to check in on them often, and I saw him bring something special over for the little ones at least two different times.

It’s clear that children are welcome here, so I would have no hesitation in bringing our family on another visit.

Akatsuki’s Specialty Rolls

Menu with circled sushi rolls

Brian and I love specialty rolls, so we ordered two to start, and planned to order one or two more later on. I picked the Caterpillar roll (which is my standard pick at a new sushi restaurant) and Brian chose the Sweetheart roll.

Man with sushi plate and rolls in front. Akatsuki Sushi Rolls
My handsome date with our food

I had no idea how beautiful the rolls would be when they came out! The Caterpillar roll was as expected, but the Sweetheart roll was delightfully designed in the shape of hearts.

@dinkumtribe I’ve never seen a prettier roll than this one! Love the hearts! #sweetheartrolldinkumtribe @dinkumtribe #sweetheartroll #caterpillarroll #sushirestaurant #sushirolls #sushirolls🍣 #datenightideas #restaurantdatenight #restaurantdate🤍 #happilymarried #happilymarriedlife #dateyourspouse ♬ cooking video – cooking

The taste was unique as well. Both rolls were fresh and well made, but the Sweetheart roll surprised me with its fruity taste. I knew that mango was a main ingredient, but I didn’t expect it to have such a strong impact on the flavor. YUM!

Menu with Sweetheart sushi roll circled. Akatsuki Sushi Bar, Silverton, Oregon.
Sweetheart roll circled

Both rolls disappeared quickly— we were hungry, and the sushi was fresh and delicious!

Tempura Rolls

I wanted to try something a little different for the next two rolls, so I chose the Silverton roll, and Brian picked the Godzilla roll. 

Additional menu options at Akatsuki Sushi Bar in Silverton, Oregon.

The Godzilla roll has a ferocious name that contradicts its mellow taste. Brian remarked that it’s like sushi comfort food: warm, tasty, rich, and no sharp flavors. On a cold evening, it was just right.

Silverton roll and Godzilla roll
Silverton Roll and Godzilla Roll (behind)

The Silverton roll is made with warm tempura shrimp in the middle and fresh fish on the outside. It had a bright, clean taste that paired nicely with the richness of the Godzilla roll. 

Sushi rolls

We had a few pieces leftover, so we asked for a box to take them home. As we were heading out, I noticed that you can order Akatsuki for takeout— definitely a nice option for date night at home!

Our return visit

We returned a couple months ago on the night before Thanksgiving for a date night. It was cold, and I enjoyed the miso soup before our rolls arrived. This time we ordered the Lion King roll, the Hawaii roll and the volcano roll.

Lion king roll at Akatsuki Sushi in Silverton, Oregon.
Lion king roll

The Lion King roll has a fun presentation, and a nice mix of flavors. That was my favorite one for this visit.

Hawaii roll topped with canned pineapple.
Hawaii roll

Brian liked the Hawaii roll, but I found it a bit boring – it would be a great option for someone who wants to start slowly into sushi. The volcano roll is another standard roll for us, and always tasty.

Overall Experience at Akatsuki Sushi Bar

Akatsuki Sushi Bar was a great dining experience. The service was prompt and attentive, everything was delicious and we can’t wait to return again! 

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  1. I LOVE sushi and after your super tasty review, I want to have some sushi at the lunch. 😀 Thanks for the nice post and photos! The sushi looks really good!

  2. This is such a cute little place!!! I love that it’s by the water, and the drinks & sushi look amazing. I hope to try it out sometime when we’re in Oregon! 😊

  3. Nice review Jenn. While sushi in your blog is nicely presented, the thought of eating sushi gives me the chills. Jenn as Jamaicans you know that eating raw meat or fish is not apart of our culture. But I have recently learned that sushi doesn’t have to be raw.

    1. Thant’s true, and raw fish actually tastes much better than expected – it took me a long time to try it when I came Stateside, but I’m sure glad I did!

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