Moss Rock Preserve, Alabama: Adventure for All!

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While we were visiting family in Alabama, we enjoyed exploring a little bit of Alabama’s history and lush green landscape. One of our favorite activities was our visit to Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama. Our kids loved this park, and our youngest daughter agreed to share an honest review with you!

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Man and boys walking through stream.

One of the highlights of our trip was our time with my cousins in Alabama and Georgia! My cousins have all married in the last few years, and have been blessed with children. We were delighted to spend a few days with Taylor and Maddie and their three beautiful children in Alabama.

Moss Rock Preserve sign.

Moss Rock Preserve

“I have to say, Alabama is definitely not my favorite state. There are lots of mosquitoes and it’s very humid, so it was nice to be able to cool off at Moss Rock.

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Moss Rock Preserve is a 349-acre natural preserve with lots of waterfalls, forest, and several boulder fields. Our cousins showed us around when we stayed with them, and we had a lot of fun hiking the trails and playing in the creek.

Map sign at Moss Rock Preserve, Hoover, Alabama.

We put on bug spray and started hiking through the trees and boulders. The trails were nice, with lots of signs so no one would get lost. We really enjoyed all the boulders and forest, and the preserve is shady and cool.

There are almost 12 miles of hiking trails, and lots of rocks to climb, so we found the reserve to be ideal for exploring.

Kids on top of boulder at Moss Rock Preserve.

Unique Features

There’s also a lot of wildlife and plant life at Moss Rock and we saw lots of birds and some snakes! Six rare plant species grow there, and lots of poison ivy. If you visit, be sure to keep your eyes open and stay on the trails. 

Woman climbing through space between boulders at Moss Rock Preserve.

There were two boulders that were close together so we all climbed through the tunnel, and there were lots of different kinds of rock.

Rock crevice with child running in distance.

We kept walking until we found the stream, which was lots of fun to splash around in. Tadpoles and minnows were swimming in the shallow parts! 

Boy running amongst boulders at Moss Rock.

There was also a small waterfall near the end of the stream. We quickly discovered that the water was shallow enough to walk through. The best way to get down the waterfall was to slide down on our rear ends!

We played in the stream and swam around and collected interesting rocks and sticks. By the time we needed to hike back most of us were soaked, laughing, and ready for lunch. 

Kids walking through stream at Moss Rock Preserve.

One of the things I really liked about Moss Rock was that there was lots to do and I don’t think anyone was bored there.” -Appaloosa 

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Collage of photos from Moss Rock
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Collage of photos from Moss Rock
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  1. Very interesting place. What really gets me is that I have lived in Alabama for over 4 decades and had never heard of Moss Rock Preserve. Guess I need to get out and travel more locally.

    1. My cousins were saying it was kind of a local secret – guess they were right!

  2. This looks like a really cool little spot. Interestingly, I’ve been to one other park that looked similar to this, and it was all the way over in Europe! So cool when we find amazing things a little closer to home, and/or we can share a love for places that evoke the same feelings of appreciation.

  3. Looks like a fun spot for all ages!! I’ve never even been to Alabama but whenever I do for whatever reason I’ll check it out!

    1. We were so impressed with how lush and green Alabama is! Definitely worth visiting.

  4. Moss Rock Preserve looks like so much fun! I love that your kids got to climb, see all those cool mosses and then paddle!

    Good to know about the snakes and poison ivy! I’d totally stay on the rocks!

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