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Out with Formal Trim & In with Reclaimed Wood!

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Reclaimed wood fence boards

This April I moved in with my parents; well, at least it felt that way! Like so many people, we’d taken the opportunity to purchase a wonderful home in a quiet community. After several weeks in our new home I noticed an odd, persistent feeling that I was back in Jr. High. I traced the source and found it to be an overabundance of polished wood, formal white trim, and brushed nickel.

Now I’m no designer, but I don’t want to live the ’90’s all over again. The question is how to update the house without breaking the bank

Back to the 90’s: From this perspective, I’m eleven years old and bound to break something within the next hour.

DIY Flexibility

I’ve never been much of a fix-it guy but seven years of home ownership have taught me the power of a do-it-yourself home project. Not only is it a confidence booster, but it simply provides a flexibility that often isn’t available when you hire a contractor. It’s your job, and your responsibility, but that also means that you are at liberty to do the job your way, on your time, with your budget.

That’s not to say that the job always goes as planned—far from it! But the ability to use your own tools, your own materials, your own time, and your own know-how can produce results that wouldn’t be possible in a do-it-for-me scenario.

pinnable image with URL and reclaimed wood background. Text says Reclaimed Wood for the Win!
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Fence to Floorboards?

Our new home came complete with its very own broken down fence. While the fence could be repaired it doesn’t quite jive with what we have in mind for the backyard, and it wasn’t long until we thought, What about reclaimed wood? The fence boards were about the right width for floorboards and trim, and uniform enough to be used throughout a room or group of rooms.

So we’re embarking on an experiment; we’re taking apart the fence with the goal of cleaning, prepping, and installing the wood into our home. How will it go? Stay tuned!

Trim in the making? We’ll see!

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